Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?

Humanity has long wondered: If God is good and righteous, why does He allow evil in this world? And why does He not intervene to end the suffering?

People have endeavored to come to grips with these puzzling questions from the dawn of recorded history. To humans, it seems so obvious—if God truly is, as Christians proclaim, all-loving and all-powerful, He could stop the evil and suffering in this world. So why doesn’t He? Atheists and agnostics often point to this conundrum to support their disbelief and skepticism. How does a believer answer?

Perhaps we humans tend to look at the equation from a limited perspective. “Why evil?” is a fair question, but should we not give God a fair chance to respond—from His perspective?

In His Word, He answers these vital questions: Where, why and how did pain and sorrow originate? Who is the true author of wickedness? What purpose is served by allowing evil and suffering to continue?

And, to be fair, God also examines the role humans have played in the appearance of evil and suffering—and why we continue to perpetuate it.

Instead of laying the blame at God’s throne (which is frequently done—we even call natural disasters “acts of God”!), we invite you to gain a different perspective that will clearly explain, from God’s Word, the answers to these critically important questions!

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