Where Is America in Prophecy?

Many small nations are mentioned in Bible prophecy. Wouldn’t God also address a major world power like the United States of America in prophecy?

Bible prophecy covers the vast sweep of human history, but it focuses heavily on the time of the end, the time just before Jesus Christ returns to this earth. Many biblical signs show that we are approaching that time now.

Since the Bible clearly addresses prophecies to the peoples of smaller nations, like Jordan, Israel and Egypt, many have wondered whether God also addresses a superpower like the United States. If He does, how can we identify America in prophecy? What names does the Bible use and what does God foretell for the United States of America?

The answers to these questions require a careful study of Bible prophecy and of history. The articles in this section provide intriguing evidence that helps us understand where the people of the United States (and their brothers in Britain, Canada and Australia) came from, how they received such blessings and power in the world, and what God has to say to them today.

Discovering America in prophecy is certainly interesting information, but it is not simply historical trivia. This knowledge is needed in order to understand many of God’s promises and His prophecies. God’s prophecies for America will come to pass—and you need to be aware of them so you can be prepared.

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