Foundational Principles for Managing Family Finances

Millions struggle to achieve financial security—or even financial stability! What basic, foundational principles can help you manage your finances?

It seems the goal of security or stability is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. The stress of managing family finances can destroy marriages and almost drive one to the brink!

There are many claims of shortcuts to financial success, from “sure thing” investments to “get rich quick” plans. There are always people willing to try these ideas, but experience proves over and over that often the only people who make money with these schemes are the ones selling the plans!

We don’t have advice to give about investments, portfolio management or tax shelters. What we do offer is a fresh look at some of the most basic and effective principles of managing your finances from a biblical perspective.

The God who created humanity and all that exists has some advice to give us regarding debt, budgeting, the need for a generous heart and the important principle of tithing. Would you like to know what He has said about finances?

We offer no “get rich quick” schemes, but what we do have is far more valuable—the insight your Creator has given for properly managing family finances and, in the process, eliminating much of the incredible stress financial difficulties bring. Explore the articles in this section if you would like to know more.

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