Plan of Salvation: How God’s Festivals Reveal His Plan

God has an incredible goal in mind for the humans He made in His own image. How does He let us in on the knowledge of that plan of salvation?

Throughout the Bible God shows that He has a plan for us—a plan that includes every human being who has ever lived, each in his or her own turn (1 Timothy 2:4 ; 1 Corinthians 15:23 ).

Jesus Christ compared His work with us to planting and harvesting (Luke 8:11-15 ). He plants the truth that leads to salvation in our hearts at the right time, and He gives us the help to grow and eventually receive the gift of salvation—eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

How does God plan to offer this priceless gift to everyone? What are the steps in God’s plan of salvation—His “harvest” of human beings?

Interestingly, we find in the Bible seven annual harvest festivals that God wanted His people to keep in their memory and worship. Most people today don’t even know the names of many of these days, but God called them “holy”—He said they are His days!

They deserve careful examination, especially when you discover that Jesus Himself, His disciples and His Church actually celebrated these same festivals!

Is it possible that these ancient festivals are actually a blueprint outlining God’s grand plan of salvation, showing us what the future holds for the entire world and the children of God? It’s time to understand the astounding meaning of God’s holy days!

Each of the articles in this section is written to explain how the festivals picture the plan of salvation. Each festival has great meaning, and as a whole they give insights into the past as well as future events yet to be fulfilled. Now is the time for you to explore this wonderful plan in your own Bible and gain the incredible hope and direction that God’s plan of salvation has for you.

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