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Middle East in Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy is heavily focused on the Middle East. It is destined to be the focal point of end-time conflict—and of the Kingdom of God beyond!

Not only was the Middle East the cradle of civilization, it was the birthplace of the Bible and the home of its prophets. But that is not the reason it is the focal point of Bible prophecy. There are prophecies relating to various other parts of the earth, but the Middle East—and especially Jerusalem—remains central because it is central to God’s plan.

God not only gave His chosen people a Promised Land, He promised that His future Kingdom would be based in that land! Jerusalem will be the capital city of the Kingdom of God, and His laws and justice will flow out from it (Isaiah 2:1-4 ).

But in the meantime, the Middle East remains a flashpoint for regional and global conflict.

Why have the three major monotheistic religions continually fought over this land? Why have the best efforts for peace failed? How will peace in the Middle East—and the world—finally come?

The articles in this section will explore many of the foreboding and hopeful prophecies of the Bible, showing God’s warnings for the various peoples of the Middle East, as well as the beautiful time of peace He promises to bring when Jesus Christ returns to the Mount of Olives to save humanity and establish the Kingdom of God.

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