12 Tribes of Israel

What promises did God make to the 12 tribes of Israel? What were His plans and expectations for them? What is the significance of these things today?

One of the great mysteries of the Bible and history is the identity of the 12 tribes of Israel.

We may easily identify them in the early pages of Bible history. We can read about the division and destruction of the Israelite Empire and, later, the Jewish nation in the pages of the Bible and secular history.

But what happened to the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel? What is the “birthright” promise? Were the promises and prophecies about the 12 sons of Israel fulfilled?

Is it important for us to know who and where they are today? Is the Jewish nation of Israel the descendants of all 12 tribes? Who and where are the “lost tribes of Israel”? Did God intend for the Church to replace Israel?

The articles in this section will explore these questions and more. The information is not just to fulfill intellectual curiosity. The answers can help you understand God’s plan and His faithfulness to His promises. It can give you insight and assurance of the future God has planned for the 12 tribes of Israel and all mankind.

Click on the chart below for a larger image or to download it.

Abraham's Descendants Chart

Chart produced by Paul Luecke; layout by James Followell Jr.

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