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The Practical & Priceless Benefits of Bible Study

Why do Bible study? Is it worth it; can you understand it? It is a daunting book, but its practical help and its eternal benefits are priceless!

The world’s best seller is not an easy book. The Bible was written in different styles over hundreds of years, and it covers deep spiritual principles. But the rewards of careful and thoughtful study are tremendous. The Bible teaches us how to live a more fulfilling and abundant life now, and it shows us how to become more like our loving Father and Jesus Christ, our Elder Brother.

Here are some of the Bible study tips from our article “How to Study the Bible.”

  • Understand who God is.
  • Seek God’s help.
  • Have a teachable attitude.
  • Follow accepted rules of Read More ...


  • How to Study the Bible

    How to Study the Bible

    What is the best way to study the Bible? Here are some tips on how to study the Bible and gain deeper insights and understanding.

  • Why Study the Bible?

    Why Study the Bible?

    Is the Bible relevant to our lives today? Can it give us priceless, practical help and real hope? We believe it can!

  • Encouraging Bible Verses

    Encouraging Bible Verses

    The Bible is the ultimate source for real help and encouragement. These 100+ encouraging Bible verses can still reach our hearts and minds today.

  • Bible Study Tools: Where to Start

    Bible Study Tools

    There are more Bible study tools available to us today than ever before. But did you know that the Bible itself can be the most important study tool?

  • Bible Study Topics

    Bible Study Topics

    The Bible addresses so many topics that can answer our questions and help us now and in the future. What are some of the most important Bible study topics?

  • Inspirational Bible Verses

    Inspirational Bible Verses

    The Bible is full of inspirational verses that are awe-inspiring, reassuring, encouraging and motivational. Here are 50 of the most inspirational Bible verses.

  • Bible Stories: The Purpose Behind the Stories

    Bible Stories

    Bible stories can be great for teaching children. And they also have real meaning for anyone who wants to understand God and how He wants us to act.

  • Where to Start Reading the Bible

    Where to Start Reading the Bible

    The Bible is a big book with stories, advice, promises, good news, how-tos, letters, poems—all teaching us how to live now and forever. Where should we start?

  • Reading the Mind of God

    Reading the Mind of God

    God thinks on a level far beyond human comprehension. Yet He is willing to give us the tools to read His mind and begin to think like He thinks!

  • Building Blocks of Biblical Hope

    Building Blocks of Biblical Hope

    The Bible offers us real hope in the midst of these perilous times. Where can we find that hope, and what do we need to build to experience it in our lives?

  • When Google Doesn’t Know: Finding Answers to the Questions That Matter

    When Google Doesn't Know: Finding Answers to the Questions That Matter

    When you need answers, where do you turn? Search engines like Google can’t tell you everything you need to know—but God can.

  • 7 Things to Know Before Reading the Bible

    7 Things to Know Before Reading the Bible

    For those unfamiliar with the Bible, its many books, characters and pages can be daunting! Here are some things to know to make sense of the world’s most important book.

  • What Is Doctrine?

    What Is Doctrine?

    The word “doctrine” appears more than 50 times in the Bible. But what does it mean, and is it important for us today? Is there such a thing as false doctrine?

  • How to Find Answers to Your Bible Questions

    Find Answers to Your Bible Questions

    All the important questions of life are answered in the Bible, but how can we find the relevant passages? Here are five resources that can really help!

  • Commonplacing Religion, or How to Ruin the Bible!

    Commonplacing Religion

    Commonplacing has been popular since the Middle Ages as a way to collect phrases and sayings. But what happens when we try to pick and choose our religious customs?

  • Understanding the Bible

    Understanding the Bible

    Much of the Bible is straightforward and clear, but when you consider all 66 books, it is a big, challenging library of material. What are some principles that can help us understand and correctly interpret the Bible—the message God has recorded for us?


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