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Biblical Laws: More Than the 10 Commandments

God’s laws were given for our benefit and show us how to become more like God. What should Christians learn from the various types of biblical law?

Many people have heard of the 10 Commandments and recognize the importance of some of them, like the laws against murder and stealing. But other laws in the Bible are less well known or appreciated.

Do the biblical laws apply to us?

Do the other laws of the Bible apply to Christians today? What are statutes and judgments? What is the greatest commandment God gave? How do all the biblical laws fit together, and what should a Christian learn from all of them?

The articles in this section will explore the many instructions in the Bible and will show that they reveal God’s way of thinking and how He wants us to act. These laws were all given for humanity’s benefit by a loving God who wants us to learn to Read More ...



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