Is There a God?

Can there be anything more important than answering the question: Is there a God? Truly knowing this answer changes everything!

People grapple in many ways with the question, “Is there a God?

They may examine the scientific evidence from the physical creation around us. They can point out the fascinating intricacies of human anatomy, such as our eyes or brains, or cite analogies of how a working watch could never accidentally come into being. They can focus on the complexity of our planet earth, its perfect size, distance from the sun, tilt, atmosphere, etc.—all evidence that life could not be a quirk of nature.

All this is good, but it’s not the most vital place to begin exploring the question of God’s existence. Every individual has to first search his or her own heart to see what he or she really wants to find.

The Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1 ). So we need to begin with what is in the heart. If we are prejudiced against the idea of a Supreme Being, then we will rationalize away even the most convincing of evidence.

The apostle Paul stated that many humans simply do not want to accept the reality of God—they do not like to retain God in their knowledge, he said (Romans 1:28 ). But if you are willing and want to go where the clear evidence leads, this website will explore the evidence. The articles here will help you answer—both intellectually and spiritually—the vitally important question, “Is there a God?”

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