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Is There Life After Death?

There’s nothing like death to make us think about life. We wonder, is this all there is? Is there life after death?

Most of the time we busy ourselves with living our lives. Even in difficult times, we seem to have a built-in sense of tomorrow—anticipating better times; working to fulfill expectations, goals and dreams. But our everyday thoughts and plans screech to a shocking stop when we’re suddenly faced with the possibility of our own death or when someone close to us dies or the life of a loved one is threatened.

When we’re jolted to the reality that life is fragile and temporary, we tend to rethink our values and priorities. We’re forced out of our comfort zones to reconsider questions for which we may have great difficulty in finding satisfactory answers.

What happens when it’s over? When it’s all said and done, is there still more to say and do? Is there life after death, or is this life all there is?

So, wouldn’t whoever “invented” life be in


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