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January/February 2020

Cover Feature

The Power of Hope
The Power of Hope

Hope isn’t a warm fuzzy; it’s a strong support and unshakable foundation. The spiritual power of hope can help us overcome any trial. It’s a lifeline from God! Listen

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On the Brink of War in the Middle East
On the Brink of War in the Middle East

The Middle East is in a mess. Local wars can drag the entire region into conflict. Prophecy indicates that this region will affect the entire world. Listen


Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable
Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable

The answers have always been there, in God’s Word. The solutions afflict us, though, because we don’t want anyone, even God, telling us what to do. Listen

By the Way: He’s Just Trying to Scare You
He’s Just Trying to Scare You

An encounter with an aggressive hippopotamus reminded me of a biblical source of courage. Listen

Three Ways to Learn From Mistakes
Three Ways to Learn From Mistakes

Making mistakes is easy. Learning from mistakes takes effort. Here are three ways we can all make better decisions in the future. Listen

Lawlessness Will Abound
Part 3: Lawlessness Will Abound

In Jesus’ Olivet discourse, He prophesied that in the end time lawlessness will abound. What does it mean to be lawless? Is lawlessness affecting your life? Listen


How to Heal a Broken Heart
Life  How to Heal a Broken Heart

Have you ever suffered a broken heart? Have you felt like you have been turned inside out, uncertain if you could carry on? Here’s how to heal a broken heart. Listen

7 Keys for Developing Spiritual Discernment
Life  7 Keys for Developing Spiritual Discernment

The world is awash in religious information but floundering when it comes to developing spiritual discernment. How can you sort through the confusion? Listen

God’s Words of Wisdom for You
Bible  God’s Words of Wisdom for You

The Bible’s wisdom literature pictures what it looks like to live life the way God intended. These words of wisdom tackle difficult questions along the way. Listen

How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Changed the World
God  How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Changed the World

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has permeated nearly every aspect of our world and changed it dramatically. How is Darwinism affecting you? Listen

Creation vs. Evolution Resources
God  Creation vs. Evolution Resources

These creation vs. evolution resources address the wonders of creation, the problems with Darwinian evolution or the concept of intelligent design.



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