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Prayer, Fasting and Meditation: Relating to God

Does God have a personal relationship only with the rare and privileged people like Moses, David or the prophets, or can you come to know Him too?

Can you have a close, personal, real relationship with God? After all, since He is our Father, shouldn’t we get to know Him well?

Every relationship begins with an introduction. Some people intimidate us when we first meet, perhaps because of their powerful reputation or strength of personality. But as we get to know them and embrace mutual thoughts and principles, our acquaintance blossoms into friendship.

So how do you build a relationship with God? Prayer, fasting and meditation, along with Bible study,  are major keys for communicating with God and understanding His will. It’s important to know how to use them!

Through studying His Word, God introduces Himself so you can understand His character, love and mercy. But Read More ...



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