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Who Is God?

Has God revealed Himself to humanity, or are we left to wonder and speculate about His identity? Has He introduced Himself to His creation? If so, how?

It is the most important question of your life—is there a God, One who knows you, and One whom you can know? Who is God? What is His name? What is He like? Does He care about you? Does He have a purpose for your life, for your existence? And, most important, can you come to know Him—personally?

It is the rare person who hasn’t wondered about the existence of God. Our minds are such that we wonder. Is there something, or someone, who is beyond what we can see with our eyes and who is bigger than the physical universe we are a part of?

We can wonder, and we can question, but can we know the answer? If so, where is the answer to be found?

Yes, there is a God—a personal, eternal Creator of all that exists. And He has revealed to humanity the essential things we need to know about Him—His character, His purpose for our lives, what He expects of us, and what He has determined about our future.

It’s sad to say, but most of humanity has turned a blind eye to what He has revealed! We hope you will open your Bible, explore this website and learn the answers to this age-old, vitally important question “Who is God?”


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