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Aging: The Challenges and Opportunities

Each stage of life has its own challenges and benefits. What does God intend for our senior years? What are we to learn and to do as we are aging?

We know human beings don’t live forever, but we are seeing many live much longer than in the past. With improvements in health care and diet for most of the Western world, life expectancy has been rising steadily. A century ago the average life expectancy in the United States was less than 50 years, while today it is on average closer to 80. And some experts predict that perhaps half of the babies born after 2000 will see their 100th birthday!

Longer life spans mean more people are moving into an advanced stage of life as older adults. As we move beyond the stage of life where we are raising children, establishing careers and planning for many years to come, we begin to face different challenges and also different opportunities.

Since the Creator designed us to experience all of the physical stages of life—including old age—it is Read More ...



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