Family: Keys to Building a Strong Family

The family is the building block of society, yet today the traditional nuclear family is under attack. What does the Bible say about strengthening the family?

Former U.S. first lady Barbara Bush once said, “To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”

Many historians and sociologists agree about the importance of family, noting that the family unit has been the foundational building block of all human civilizations.

In fact, the health and well-being of a civilization is inextricably linked to the health and stability of marriage and family.

Yet today the traditional family is under attack. Some feel the family unit comprised of a father, mother and children is an antiquated and outdated institution that has no place in the modern world. They believe other arrangements, like cohabiting, same-sex couples and single-parent homes, are just as good if not superior to the confining roles imposed on people in the traditional family structure.

Is that true? Should there still be a place for a stable, traditional family? And if so, how can we go about building happy, stable and thriving families of our own?

If the Bible is the instruction book given to man by his Creator, surely it has something to say about families and how they are to form and function! Whether you have a family and need advice, or you are ready to start your family and want to know what to do, read the articles in this section to find solid, biblically based advice to build and strengthen your family.

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