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Miracle Stories

When we pray for a miracle, do we recognize God’s hand, even if it isn’t exactly what we prayed for—or even knew to pray for? Here’s why I believe in miracles.

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It was a pretty typical church service. Our normal facility was not available, and we had moved to a gymnasium for the service. We were all sitting in folding chairs. Our youngest son was still a small baby, and I had finally gotten him to sleep and settled on his blanket on the floor.

With a “whew” and a wipe of my brow, I settled in to listen to the message. Part way through the sermon, however, what I thought were my “mommy hormones” kicked in, and I felt a need to hold my baby.

Now, any of you who have taken a baby to church know that once your baby goes down for a nap, you don’t touch him or her. You just let your baby sleep. But the compelling need to hold him just kept getting stronger and stronger, and finally, I gave in and picked him up and snuggled him in my lap.

Within minutes, the chair of the gentleman sitting in front of us collapsed, and he and his broken chair landed on the blanket where our little guy had been sleeping!

I know, with absolute certainty, that God protected my sweet baby.

Recognizing God’s intervention

I believe in miracles. If we stop and look around, we will find that God does, with great power, miraculously intervene in His people’s lives—in little ways and in big ways.

Why is it important to recognize God’s intervening hand in our lives?

First of all, we need to give credit where credit is due. Every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17). Do you ask God for protection, for healing, for direction, for encouragement? I would guess that most praying people do. So, when intervention comes, we should know who gave it.

Recognizing God as the giver of all good things—including miracles—helps us put ourselves in perspective. We cannot take credit for what He does! We must give God the credit.

Following right behind that, recognizing God’s intervention also gives us the opportunity to thank Him for what He does for us.

You see, the greatest miracle of all is that God has a plan that includes each one of us. He wants each of us to be children in His family.Have you ever received a gift that someone made especially for you? You know that person thought about you and what you needed or wanted. That special, hand-picked gift softens your heart toward the giver. The gift is symbolic of a relationship desired by the giver.

Every miraculous intervention I can think of was tailor-made by God for a specific moment in time—a hand-picked gift.

Unexpected miracles

One day, we were on our way home from a family trip and had a flat tire. My husband and I were . . . well, okay, we were grumbling about the flat tire as we unloaded everything out of the back of the van. We even saw a sheriff’s car go by as we were changing the tire, and he didn’t stop and help.

We got it all buttoned back up and the van repacked as the sheriff pulled in behind us. He apologized for not stopping earlier, but said he had had a call. We got back on the road, and just over the hill was his “call”—a terrible accident.

Everyone was quiet as we drove slowly around the wreckage. From the back of the van, our oldest son, a young teen at the time, said, “You know, if we hadn’t had a flat tire, we would have been in the middle of that accident.”

Our young son pointed out the opportunity we had to be really thankful that God allowed us to have a flat tire! It was a hand-picked gift for a specific moment in time.

God’s hand

Recognizing God’s miracles helps us to be aware of His constant involvement and attention in His people’s lives. We should relish that involvement and seek it out.

Picture how physical fathers walk beside their children, holding their hands as they toddle along. A father helps his child to walk the path and avoid the dangers that might be there. He diligently watches out for his little one. Sometimes the dad guides the child around something; sometimes he warns the child not to step on something; and sometimes the dad picks the child up to keep him or her away from danger.

God is like that too. He is always beside us, watching out for us, warning us of danger, guiding us, sometimes picking us up and carrying us, sometimes letting us learn a lesson (Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 23).

Do we see His hand in our everyday lives? Do we look for it?

All of these aspects highlight the special relationship that God wants to have with us. He loves us, and we are important to Him.

The most important modern miracles

I want to tell you one more miracle story. It’s probably my favorite.

Last year, I was standing out on the patio of a friend’s home. A number of us were gathered around the pool. I watched as my son (the one who didn’t get squashed by the collapsing chair all those years ago) was baptized—plunged beneath the water and then brought back up as a new man. He then had hands laid on him and received God’s Holy Spirit to dwell inside of him and help him walk the path God has laid out for him.

You see, the greatest miracle of all is that God has a plan that includes each one of us. He wants each of us to be children in His family. He gave His Son so our sins could be forgiven. And He wants to help us change our hearts and our minds so that we can join Him in His family. That’s pretty amazing! It’s even more amazing than . . . well, than all the other miracles.

A fallible, mortal, sinful human being can change—because of God’s miraculous intervention—and become a child of God.

I believe in miracles. Don’t you?

About the Author

Mary Clark

Mary Clark is married to Tom Clark who pastors three Church of God, a Worldwide Association, congregations in western Arkansas.

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