Top 10 Insights Posts From 2016

As we enter a new calendar year, we take a look back at the most popular Life, Hope & Truth Insights posts from 2016. Here are the 10 most viewed.

Life, Hope & Truth saw steady, consistent growth in 2016. We average nearly 1 million unique visitors every month, our page views are up over 17 percent from 2015. The print run for Discern magazine has increased more than 33 percent over last year.

The following is a list (with excerpts) of the top 10 Insights posts from 2016 based on unique page views.

1. The “Brexit” Debate: Britain vs. the European Dream

“Whether Britain votes to stay or leave, the nation is in a very different position compared to the other 27 EU member states. David Cameron’s new deal for Britain explicitly states: ‘The requirement to seek ever-closer union does not apply to the United Kingdom.’ …

“As we have reported, Britain will not be a part of the European superstate prophesied in the Bible. The British and American peoples will experience an end-time national correction the Bible calls ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble’ (Jeremiah 30:7), while a united Europe will ascend to political, economic and religious supremacy over much of the world (Revelation 17:12).”

2. The Dedicated Queen Turns 90

“This week we celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s dedication to the important role she has played as constitutional monarch, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. As we do so, we also respect the role she has played in the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of the rise of a company of nations that would exist in these last days before the return of Jesus Christ as King of kings to rule on the throne of David (Genesis 48:19; Luke 1:32; Revelation 19:16).”

3. The British Chose “Brexit”

“Today the citizens of the United Kingdom voted, by a narrow margin, to ‘Leave’ the European Union, a move stunning many in the U.K., Europe and around the world. Though polls tightened in the month leading up to the vote, many believed that the warnings of economic disaster would result in a narrow ‘Remain’ vote by the British people. …

“This decision by the British people will possibly accelerate the European goal of developing an ever-closer union.”

4. New Booklet Reveals the Biblical Identity of the United States and Britain

“Today we are excited to be able to offer here on our websiteThe United States, Britain and the Commonwealth in Prophecy. The title reveals the bold thesis of the booklet—that the modern English-speaking nations can be identified in the prophecies of the Bible.

“This 120-page booklet will take you on a fascinating journey through the Bible, history, current trends and prophecy. It not only provides understanding of the origins and future of modern nations, but also contains a message of warning and hope that can have a direct effect on your life. In fact, the moment you finish reading it you will be faced with a choice.”

5. 10 Attitudes Wrecking Our World

“Many even outside the religious world understand that unless humanity makes some changes, there is a high possibility that we could destroy ourselves. Yet the devil is in the details—literally. …

“Face it, we live in a perilous world. In 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Paul details what these perilous times would involve in the last days.”

6. Why We Break for Biblical Festivals

“In just a few days, our staff here in Allen, Texas, and our members around the world will be leaving their homes for over a week and observing the last two of those annual festivals: the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day. Over the next few weeks, you will not see much new content added to Life, Hope & Truth, but no worries—we will be back!

“Here’s a brief overview of the biblical fall festivals we have been and will be observing over the next couple of weeks.”

7. Prophecy Moves Forward: 2 Prophetic Trends We Can’t Ignore

“As I was paging through the July/August 2016 issue [of Foreign Affairs] I was struck by the number of articles relating to end-time trends prophesied in the Bible. The authors were good at recognizing the problems, but they weren’t able to see the prophetic perspective and the solutions explained in the Bible.

“In this blog post I will highlight two of those trends.I believe these two themes are essential to understanding our world as it relates to Bible prophecy.”

8. Get Out of the Boiling Pot!

“Sometimes it’s our own choices that put us in the pot. If that’s the case, we probably want to change. But change is hard. The first step to climbing out is to acknowledge howyou got there in the first place. …

“If you want to climb out, then start—today! Don’t waste another second in that boiling water.”

9. Sniper in Dallas: When Will the Violence End?

“It seems that since Cain killed his brother Abel, mankind has resorted to violence as an answer to his problems. Whether it is in war or violence in the streets of our cities, we cannot deny that whole generations of people, and primarily young people, have been lost to violence. …

“So, is it hopeless? Should we simply give up? No, that is certainly not the answer. There is a day coming when this will be resolved, but it cannot be done without the return of Jesus Christ.”

10. Dealing With Sins That Won’t Go Away: A Two-Pronged Attack

“Overcoming sin requires more than a desire to ‘just stop it.’ To really defeat sin, we need God’s help. He gives us strength when we’re weak and equips us to fight battles we’d otherwise lose. Get serious about your fight against sin by asking God for the right spiritual equipment to get the job done, and then immediately start replacing your sins with godly alternatives.”

In total, we published 74 Insights blog posts this past calendar year. We hope you will peruse our Insights blog page to read through the many interesting, inspiring and educational posts. We also welcome you to subscribe to Insights to receive them in your email as soon as they are posted! 

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