The British Chose “Brexit”

The world just learned that the British people have voted to leave the European Union by a narrow margin. What is the significance of this historic vote?

The British Chose “Brexit”
Today the citizens of the United Kingdom voted, by a narrow margin, to “Leave” the European Union, a move stunning many in the U.K., Europe and around the world. Though polls tightened in the month leading up to the vote, many believed that the warnings of economic disaster would result in a narrow “Remain” vote by the British people.

Now that the decision has been made, a long process of negotiating the logistics and details of the British exit from the EU will commence. It still remains to be seen how this will truly affect the U.K., EU and the global markets.

Ever since the U.K. joined the European Economic Community in 1973, students of biblical prophecy have watched and expected the U.K. to eventually withdraw or be forcibly removed from the European project. Even throughout its 43-year membership in the European Economic Community/European Union, the British did not fully integrate, exempting themselves from adopting the euro currency and the Schengen agreement, which abolished many of the EU’s internal borders.

Through the fulfillment of many promises given to Abraham and his descendants, careful students of Bible prophecy are able to identify the British people as descendants of Ephraim, the second-born son of Joseph. Ephraim was prophesied to become a “multitude of nations” (Genesis 48:19). This was fulfilled through the British Empire (and later Commonwealth) that saw Great Britain come to control one-fourth of the globe’s landmass and the world’s most strategic maritime passageways.

Ever since the U.K. joined the European Community, students of prophecy have watched and expected the U.K. to eventually withdraw or be forcibly removed from the European project. But after World War II, the British Empire became unsustainable and was dismantled piece by piece. Even though portions of the former empire remained connected via the Commonwealth, Britain joined the European Economic Community to have access to the large European market and to have a voice in the direction of the European project.

One of the effects of British membership in the EU was weakened trade connections with the Commonwealth nations. EU rules forced Britain to abandon its favorable trade agreements with Commonwealth nations, such as Australia and New Zealand. Brexit proponents, like former London mayor Boris Johnson, have called for reestablishing stronger economic ties with the Commonwealth nations. It remains to be seen if this will occur.

This decision by the British people will possibly accelerate the European goal of developing an ever-closer union.

Bible prophecy reveals that a political and economic power will arise in Europe. It will be formed by 10 nations or groups of nations that will give their power to a central political leader who will arise in the heart of the former Holy Roman Empire (Revelation 17:12-13). While Europe will rise to greater power in future years, prophecy shows the British and American nations will decline and suffer punishment for their national sins.

We will strive to keep you abreast of prophetically significant developments. We are also in the final stages of preparing a new book on the topic of the identity of the British and American peoples in prophecy, and we will offer it on this site when it is complete.

For our past analysis of the Brexit debate, read “The Brexit Debate: Britain vs. the European Dream” and “A New Battle of Britain.”

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