Where Is the Church Jesus Built?

There are so many churches today, but they can’t all be right. What should you look for to find the Church Jesus built? We have just released a new resource to help.

In recent decades an increase in people who don’t identify with or practice any religion at all has been well documented in much of Europe and the United States. What isn’t as well known is that the percentage of religiously unaffiliated people in the world is actually projected to shrink in coming years.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the number of religiously unaffiliated people “is expected to rise in absolute terms, from 1.17 billion in 2015 to 1.20 billion in 2060. But this growth is projected to occur at the same time that other religious groups—and the global population overall—are growing even faster.”

The report further explains that religious “nones”—those who profess no religion—are on average older and have fewer children than those who are religiously affiliated. The truth is that religion is far from dead.

Of course, just because more people are being born into religious families around the world doesn’t mean that all these different religions are right. In fact, they can’t all be right. But is there a way to know if there is a true religion and a right church?

We offer resources to help people in every stage of this search, answering such questions as “Does God exist?” “Is the Bible true?” and “World religions—why are there so many?” And now we are pleased to introduce a new resource to help you answer the question “Where is the true Church Jesus built?” 

There is a true Church

The Bible tells us that Jesus—the member of the Godhead who came to die for our sins and who is prophesied to return to set up a Kingdom that will rule the world—established a Church to educate, encourage and nurture those who would follow Him.

In Scripture, this Church is called the Church of God (1 Corinthians 1:2; 10:32), and Jesus promised it would continue to exist throughout the ages (Matthew 16:18). Among all the varieties of churches today that claim to be Christian, this Church alone has dared to remain faithful to the way Jesus established it.

In Scripture, this Church is called the Church of God, and Jesus promised it would continue to exist throughout the ages.This Church isn’t the largest, wealthiest or most popular. But it has something the others don’t. It strives to teach and practice the doctrines Jesus established. It doesn’t believe those doctrines need to be improved or changed. It doesn’t believe the original Christianity of the first century needs to be watered down or made easier for people today.

The Christianity practiced by the Church Jesus founded isn’t easy. But it has profound benefits. Those who have been a part of it throughout the ages have treasured it so highly that they have endured persecution (and, at times, martyrdom) in order to remain faithful to Jesus’ commands.

Our newest booklet

Because we believe this topic is so important, we have just released a brand-new booklet that covers it thoroughly, Where Is the Church Jesus Built? It takes the reader on a scriptural journey to discover more about the Church Jesus established and how it is different from other churches and religions today.

Here are the chapter titles:

1. What Is the Church?

2. How Jesus Built His Church: Its Leaders, Founding, Doctrines and Mission

3. Attacked From Its Beginning: How the Variations in Christianity Began

4. God’s Church Through the Centuries

5. How to Find Jesus’ Church Today

Note: If you read this booklet, your life may never be the same. It may profoundly change for the better.

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David Treybig

David Treybig

David Treybig is a husband, father and grandfather. He and his wife, Teddi, have two grown children and seven grandchildren. He currently pastors the Austin, Texas, congregation of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. He has served in the pastoral ministry for over 40 years, pastoring congregations across six states.

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