• Tevatron, one of the particle accelerators used in searching for Higgs boson,

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Did Science Discover God? What Is “the God Particle”?

    The Higgs boson and the CERN particle accelerator have been in the news. If particle physicists discovered the God particle, are they closer to discovering God? You have undoubtedly heard of... Read More

  • We're told to pray for our daily bread.

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Praying for Our Daily Bread

    God tells us to pray for our daily bread. The Bible gives examples that help us more deeply understand what He means by this and how to apply it today. It’s hard to pack for a two-year... Read More

  • Electrical plug illustrating being spiritually charged.

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    What Are You Plugged Into?

    Throughout our lives, we experience times when we feel distant from God. Learn how others stay connected to God in trying times and how to stay spiritually charged moving forward! The other... Read More


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