Thank You, Christian Moms, for Holding the Line

Our world is increasingly losing its moral foundations. Yet there are still godly mothers who are modeling biblical values. They deserve to be thanked.

Is anyone feeling bewildered by the weirdness going on in our world about masculinity and femininity? How did things get so strange and so violently contrary to common sense so quickly?

The pseudo-intellectuals, the politicians and even the courts of the Western world insist that we not only accept but celebrate almost all forms of sexual deviance—acts God calls abominations. People are having their businesses destroyed because they won’t actively support morally aberrant behavior. Children are being taught that no one is fully male or female, that we all fit on a spectrum somewhere in the middle. The gender foolishness knows no bounds. No proof is offered, we are just told to accept it. How did our nations go a way that would have horrified previous generations? It is tragic, but it isn’t really hard to understand. Our nations have collectively rejected God and His Word. Cut off from firm spiritual foundations, we drift from one pernicious idea to another.

The Bible says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments” (Psalm 111:10). That fear has all but disappeared and with it, our national wisdom and understanding. A frequently paraphrased quote from author and poet Emile Cammaerts is this: “The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything” (The Laughing Prophet: The Seven Virtues and G.K. Chesterton). Sadly this is where our society is now.

A greater responsibility on parents

With the educational, judicial, political and entertainment areas of our society actively working against basic morality, a crucial responsibility is falling ever more heavily on parents: the responsibility of giving children a solid moral foundation. That includes teaching children the laws and morals of the Bible.

And I, for one, am encouraged to see the results of what is obviously hard and persistent work by parents in the Church of God. It’s a joy to observe and talk with your children at church, in church activities and at camps. We see their openness, confidence, politeness and grounding in the scriptural foundations. And we know that behind that example are hours of love and education, fun times, conversations long and short, head-scratching and hand-wringing too! We know the children are not perfect, but they are lights and are shining.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to especially thank godly moms who are upholding biblical values in their families. Thank you!Thank you, moms

As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to especially thank godly moms who are upholding biblical values in their families. Thank you! We appreciate your contribution toward keeping our societies from imploding. You’re holding the line, and though some may hate you for it, God sees and appreciates you.

Thank you on behalf of your nation, wherever you are from. You are slowing the weakening of its moral fiber. You are one of the last bastions of sane teaching in an increasingly insane age.

And thank you, on behalf of the Church of God, for teaching and nurturing the next generation of Christians who will carry the torch of truth into the future.

Thank you, mothers of adult children, and thank you, grandmothers. Your love and your examples of commitment to God and family continue to encourage and stabilize your children and others who have seen your lives and work. We see you, and we take strength from you.

Thank you, and please keep up the good work. So much depends on what you are doing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

In March of 1905, Theodore Roosevelt spoke before the National Congress of Mothers. What he said is still true:

“No piled-up wealth, no splendor of material growth, no brilliance of artistic development, will permanently avail any people unless its home life is healthy … and unless the average woman is a good wife, a good mother, able and willing to perform the first and greatest duty of womanhood, able and willing to bear, and to bring up as they should be brought up, healthy children, sound in body, mind, and character, and numerous enough so that the race shall increase and not decrease.”

Thank you again. And happy Mother’s Day!

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Joel Meeker

Joel Meeker

Joel Meeker is a pastor, writer, editor and administrator. He serves as regional director for the French-speaking regions of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, and as chairman of its Board of Directors.

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