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  • Unemployment job search

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Youth Unemployment Crisis

    Youth unemployment is reaching record levels around the world. Is the seemingly hopeless situation creating a lost generation and sowing the seeds of more unrest? The 2008-2009 economic... Read More

  • Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Update on Food Prices Rising

    Today's Wall Street Journal reports: "Urgent action is needed to ensure rising world food prices don't turn into a catastrophe, the United Nations said Tuesday, but it cautioned that panic... Read More

  • Few freshmen recognize the biblical reference to the Good Samaritan.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Mindset List Shows What America Has Lost

    Beloit College’s Mindset List provides another indication that America is moving further from God and the Bible. What can we do to stop the slide? Each year a much-watched list created... Read More

  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel “a cancerous tumor” that will “soon be excised.” (Wikimedia Commons photo by Daniella Zalcman)

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Will Israel Attack Iran Before November?

    Is Israel about to make a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities? If so, what will that mean to the Middle East region and to the world? When Israel became a nation in 1948,... Read More

  • The prophetic puzzle has clues to what's in it for you.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Prophetic Puzzle: What’s in It for Me?

    There are many hard times ahead for this world and for God’s people. But the Bible shows it will all be worth it. Can you put the puzzle pieces together? Living the Christian life is... Read More

  • Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula from space (NASA photo).

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Sinai Attack Leads to Power Shift in Egypt

    Islamist President Mohammed Morsi boldly forced out the old military guard in the aftermath of an al-Qaeda–like attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers. What does this portend for the... Read More

  • Drought conditions lead to food prices rising.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Food Prices Rising Around the World

    Many areas of the world are expecting poor harvests, highlighting our modern world’s continuing dependence on rain in due season. With food prices rising, many won’t have enough... Read More

  • Globe illustrating the prophetic puzzle.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Prophetic Puzzle: Can You Connect the Dots?

    It’s daunting to figure out what is truly important in the news and how it all fits together. Bible prophecy can help you understand what it all means for you. Consider these July 2012... Read More

  • Sign showing Apocalypse 2.2 km. How close is it really? (photo by Joel Meeker)

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    The Apocalypse Was Closer Than I Thought…

    A visit to the isle of Patmos sparked thoughts about the Apocalypse (Revelation) the apostle John wrote there—and how God wants us to respond to it. My wife and I just visited Patmos... Read More

  • Satellite image of the Persian Gulf with the Strait of Hormuz marked (from the CIA World Factbook).

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Strait of Hormuz: Sea Gate Gets More Dangerous

    The world’s lifeblood flows through a narrow passage from the Persian Gulf. Will America’s military prevent Iran from blocking the Strait of Hormuz? Since nearly 20 percent... Read More

  • Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Whose capital will Jerusalem be?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    “Our Capital Shall Be Jerusalem!”

    On June 23 Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi declared that Jerusalem would be “our capital” as he introduced the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Egypt’s presidency. Safwat... Read More

  • Dead end sign illustrating the need for the end to cruelty.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Coming: An End to Cruelty!

    Disturbing reports of torture centers in Syria add to man’s overwhelming history of inhumanity to other men, women and children. When and how will the cruelty end? Warning: This blog... Read More


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