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  • What can America expect?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    What Can America Expect in the Coming Years?

    The United States just reelected President Obama for another four years. What can we expect in the near future? Does the Bible give us any answers? In a very polarized election, Americans... Read More

  • Endless war sniper

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Endless War

    You may not have noticed, but war has changed. We have entered an era of endless war. What does the change mean and where will it lead? A recent article by talented global security expert... Read More

  • Hurricanes bring disaster to millions of people. Where is God when disaster strikes?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Where Is God When Disaster Strikes?

    Hurricane Sandy has brought major disaster to perhaps 50 million people. A school bus crash killed two innocent children in Kentucky. When disasters strike, where is God? As of Tuesday... Read More

  • Horses and bayonets

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    America’s Military: Beyond Horses and Bayonets

    How concerned should Americans be about U.S. military strength in today’s dangerous world? What does the Bible say about America’s military and its future? In the last debate,... Read More

  • Syria’s neighbors are experiencing the spreading conflict.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Syrian Conflict Continues to Spread

    An assassination in Lebanon and border clashes in Jordan and Turkey demonstrate the continuing spread of the Syrian conflict. When will peace finally come? The assassination of an... Read More

  • The European Union won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    After Nobel Peace Prize, Can EU Keep Peace?

    Is the peace prize a reminder of the European Union’s noble goals? Or is it a joke, as anger and disunity threaten man’s best efforts at preventing another world war? “At a... Read More

  • Iran flag

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Iran Update

    Iran’s nuclear threat and Israel’s possible response remain important news items to watch. Here are a few recent news reports about the Iranian situation. As a follow-up to... Read More

  • U.S. Drought Monitor map from illustrating

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Is God Getting Our Attention?

    It seems natural disasters are constantly in the news around the world. Is there a reason such disasters seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity? Today in the United States, one... Read More

  • The future of Europe illustrated with a jigsaw puzzle of euro coins.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    The Future of Europe?

    This week a group of 11 foreign ministers, capping nine months of work, presented their plan for strengthening the integration of Europe, perhaps including an EU army. A crisis is a terrible... Read More

  • Satellite photo of the Persian Gulf with the Strait of Hormuz marked.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Strait of Hormuz Update

    Will a massive show of force in the Persian Gulf deter Iranian plans or create more dangers? Consider these recent news items. As a follow-up to our posts “Strait of Hormuz: A... Read More

  • U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11, 2012.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Growing Wave of Anti-American Anger

    Diplomats have valiantly tried to protect American interests in troubled areas. The anti-American attack in Libya shows the failure of these efforts. The killing of U.S. Ambassador... Read More

  • Map of the South China Sea showing the disputed Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands (Wikimedia Commons).

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    South China Sea Dispute

    Tiny islands have become the focus of heated disputes between Asian countries great and small. What might it mean for the United States and the world? Over recent weeks, long-simmering... Read More


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