2012 Facebook Trends

Facebook Stories compiled stats on U.S. Facebook trends from the past year. Here are some of the trends that we also addressed last year:

#1 Movie: The Hunger Games (also the #1 book): The Hunger Games Are Real.”

#1 Most Listened to Song: “We Are Young” (by Fun, featuring Janelle Monáe): “‘We Are Young’—Anthem Without a Cause?”

#2 Meme: YOLO (you only live once): “Two Views of Life: YOLO vs. YCLF.”

#3 Meme: KONY: “Invisible Children, Criminals in Hiding: What Can We Really Do?

#4 Events: Superstorm Sandy: “Where Is God When Disaster Strikes?”

#5 Events: London 2012 Olympics: “Olympic Glory and Eternal Glory.”

#8 Events: Aurora Shootings: “The Aurora Theater Massacre—Why?”

About the Author

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is editorial content manager for the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, in the Dallas, Texas, area. He coordinates the Life, Hope & Truth website, Discern magazine, the Daily Bible Verse Blog and the Life, Hope & Truth Weekly Newsletter (including World Watch Weekly). He is also part of the Personal Correspondence team of ministers who have the privilege of answering questions sent to Life, Hope & Truth.

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