Is the God of the Bible Still Around?

Many believe popular assumptions about the existence of God, but there are ways to be sure about the One who inspired the Bible. Be ignorant at your own peril!

Two beliefs about God permeate our modern world. One is that the theory of evolution has made belief in a Creator a backward philosophy. The other is that the God of the Bible belongs with other ancient myths like the Roman and Greek pantheon of gods. But these ideas are among the most dangerous deceptions of the modern world.

The God of the Bible is alive and active. He is not an ancient myth. He has always existed, still exists today, and will always exist. Those who believe deceptions to the contrary do so at their own peril.

Evolution is a massive deception

Darwinian evolution is the belief that living things came about by the process of gradual change from simpler to more complex forms. Evolution is a theory trying to explain a creation without a Creator. It is like trying to find a theory to explain the existence of a car without a manufacturer.

Certain laws of nature prove that the origin of life through Darwinian evolution is impossible. They show that the key assumptions upon which the theory of evolution is based are false.

The first problem that evolutionists face is explaining the origin of life without a preexisting Life Giver. Such an explanation assumes that life can originate from nonliving matter. This is disproven by the law of biogenesis, which has been observed and repeatedly confirmed by scientists. This law states that life can come only from life.

Also, evolutionists must assume that creatures can change from one kind to another through the mechanism of random mutation. This assumption is refuted by the laws of genetics, which show that creatures will reproduce only after their own kinds, within a limited range of variations. Read many more proofs of the Creator God in the articles in the “Is There a God?” section of the Life, Hope & Truth website.

Why then do evolutionists persist in this philosophical preference? As one honest scientist put it, “When it comes to the origin of life on this earth, there are only two possibilities: creation or spontaneous generation (evolution). There is no third way. Spontaneous generation was disproved 100 years ago, but that leads us only to one other conclusion: that of supernatural creation. We cannot accept that on philosophical grounds (personal reasons); therefore we choose to believe the impossible: that life arose spontaneously by chance” (Dr. George Wald, winner of the 1967 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, quoted by Scott M. Huse, The Collapse of Evolution, 1983, p. 3).

The reality of creation proves the reality of God

If atheistic scientists were to discover a device with written information on it on a planet that had never been visited by humans before, they would without hesitation conclude that there is alien intelligent life out there that produced that device.

A functioning biological machine requires a Designer and Manufacturer. The programming information built into the DNA within cells of living organisms that automates their replication requires a preexisting Intelligence.But the same logic applies to the physical creation around us. A functioning biological machine requires a Designer and Manufacturer. The programming information built into the DNA within cells of living organisms that automates their replication requires a preexisting Intelligence.

Creation proves a Creator, but to find out who that Creator is, you need to consider additional evidence from the writers of the Bible.

Biblical witnesses to the existence of God

The Bible itself provides evidence for the existence of God by virtue of the fact that the God who speaks through its pages has confirmed it through fulfilled prophecy.

Certain biblical writers not only assert that God exists, but were eyewitnesses of His existence—most notably, Moses, Isaiah and the apostle John. Moses and 70 of the elders of Israel saw the God of Israel (Exodus 24:10). Isaiah saw the LORD high and lifted up on a glorious throne coming from the north (Isaiah 6:1-5). The apostle John got an opportunity to witness and report on what the dwelling place of God in heaven is like (Revelation 4).

So while people on this planet wrestle with the issue of whether there is a God, there have been individuals who have actually seen and written of His existence in the Bible, a book that has been confirmed to be reliable by that same God.

Modern witnesses to the existence of God

So, is the God of the Bible an ancient myth that should be relegated to the pages of a book of prescientific superstitions that has no relevance or bearing on modern reality of the 21st century?

Modern servants of the God of the Bible pray to Him, serve Him and receive responses according to His promises in the Bible. God often operates secretly in the lives of His servants. But there are times He intervenes in explicitly dramatic ways.

God still responds to the prayers of true Christians and keeps the promises of the Bible, which they claim and believe. In other words, the God of the Bible is still around. He has always been, is now and will always be in existence.

That same God, who in the book of Acts sent His angel to deliver Peter out of prison, is still around intervening on behalf of His modern-day servants. You can read more about this in our article “Does God Answer Prayers Today?

About the Author

Tyrone Yarde

Tyrone Yarde is a member of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, in Barbados.

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