Top 13 Blogs of 2013

As the 2013 calendar year ends, we look at the progress of Life, Hope & Truth throughout 2013 and look ahead. Also, check out the top 13 blog posts of 2013. has existed for about 1½ years—being launched in June 2012. Though we are still a young website, we have seen encouraging progress over this short period of time. The numbers of views of the site are steadily increasing every month as we are gaining new visitors from search engines like Google and various social media outlets.

Despite our encouraging growth, we are not satisfied!

We have a number of plans for additions and improvements to Life, Hope & Truth. Recently, we redesigned our blog pages and have renamed them Insights. This title accurately describes one of the main purposes of Life, Hope & Truth—to provide true insight into the greatest questions of life. We are not a website that just asks questions; we seek to be a site that gives real, satisfying answers.

In December we launched our new bimonthly magazine, Discern. We believe that Discern will be a powerful tool to further our mission of proclaiming the true gospel message to the world. If you have not yet subscribed to this new, free e-magazine—be sure to subscribe now!

Throughout this upcoming 2014 calendar year, we plan on increasing the number of articles and blogs. We also are planning other substantial upgrades, such as increased video content and other content that will help you interact with us.

Top blogs of 2013

During 2013, in addition to 365 Daily Bible Verse Blog posts, we posted 127 blog posts on various topics. We thought our readers would enjoy seeing what the top-viewed blogs for this past year were:

  1. The European Dream: “We Must Go Deeper.”
  2. 3 Characteristics That Define a Real Man.
  3. Egypt Erupting Reveals Growing Unrest in the Muslim World.
  4. Darwin and Evolution vs. God.
  5. What Does Genetically Modified Wheat Portend?
  6. Goodbye to the Iron Lady.
  7. Syria: A War Against Uncivilized War?
  8. You Can Escape World War III!
  9. Buckingham Palace: The Home of British Royalty.
  10. God Is Infinite!
  11. 3 Reasons to Ditch Halloween.
  12. 4 Reasons Christmas Is Not Christian.
  13. Boston Bombing.

Our blog posts analyzing current events in world news continue to be our most popular. We will continue to keep our readers informed on the major news and trends of the world around us and where these trends are leading. We will continue to unapologetically teach the many truths of the Bible and help our readers learn more about the way of life that leads to true happiness.

Please continue to regularly visit Life, Hope & Truth, and don’t hesitate to send us any feedback or questions you may have.

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Erik Jones

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