The ISIS Threat: Where Is God?

The news about ISIS becomes more frightening every day. With the U.S. planning more airstrikes against this group, where is God and how should we respond?

For 13 years the West focused on the terrorist threat from al-Qaeda. Now the world is focused on Syria and Iraq as ground zero of a new, even more dangerous terrorist organization—ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

The threat posed by ISIS is growing more serious by the day. ISIS is:

  • Beheading journalists.
  • Secretly infiltrating countries and cities around the world.
  • Mercilessly slaughtering men, women and little children who don’t share their extremist version of the Sunni Muslim faith.
  • Openly taunting and threatening Western nations.

Many are warning that the threat posed by ISIS to Western nations is similar to the threat level of al-Qaeda before 9/11. President Obama announced in his Sept. 10 address to the American people that the United States will be assembling a coalition of nations against ISIS and will launch additional airstrikes, even into Syria, to weaken the terrorist organization.

Asking the question: Where is God?

It is hard for the Western mind to fully understand the motivation behind the violence perpetrated by ISIS (and other Islamic terrorist organizations). What is their goal? Western pundits often explain such drastic actions in economic or political terms because it is hard for us to grasp that people can be so dedicated to a religious faith that they would commit extreme acts of violence in its name. ISIS (like al-Qaeda) fighters are driven by their understanding of the Muslim faith—and believe their actions are pleasing to Allah.

During such times of violence, many wonder, Where is God? Where is the God of the Bible, and why does He allow such acts? How can God remain silent and invisible when innocent people who proclaim their love and devotion to Him are brutally massacred?

But are these the right questions to ask?

As the West is now forced to confront the threat from ISIS, are we turning to God? Are we trying to improve our personal and national morals? Or will we wait for the next major crisis to show a temporary outpouring of spirituality?The right question

To really understand the answer to the question “Where is God?” we need to ask, “Why are we hiding from God?” In other words, why aren’t we responding to our dangerous world the way we should—earnestly and zealously crying out to the true God for forgiveness of our own sins? Why aren’t we seeking His guidance about how to please Him and praying for national and individual protection from the dangers of this world?

Remember what we saw in the days following 9/11 in America? There was a huge, sudden influx of people interested in God and going to church. Some thought this could lead to a spiritual revival in America, but it didn’t last much longer than a month! When the shock wore off and we returned to a sense of security, the religious interest mellowed out. Americans went back to their normal ways, and morals continued their downward slide.

As the West is now forced to confront the threat from ISIS, are we turning to God? Are we trying to improve our personal and national morals? Or will we wait for the next major crisis to show a temporary outpouring of spirituality?

What is coming

The Bible predicts a time of trouble is coming on this world that will be unlike anything we have ever witnessed—a time called the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). This crisis won’t be soon forgotten.

Now is the time to begin preparing for this time! Jesus Christ instructs us to “watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36).

So what are you going to do about this? If your nation won’t cry out to God in repentance and for help—will you? Will you recognize your personal need to repent of neglecting God and the law of God, and will you put your trust and confidence in Him? Will you then turn your life around and humbly submit to His authority in your life and begin to obey His commandments?

Part of our mission at Life, Hope & Truth is to warn all nations—especially the modern nations that descended from ancient Israel—of this upcoming time of trouble and to teach the need for repentance and change. We derive this mission from passages such as Ezekiel 33:7-11 and believe we have a role as a “watchman” (verse 7). That is why we continue to report on world events and trends and to proclaim a message of repentance.

To understand God’s warnings about the time of trouble coming on our world, read our article “Great Tribulation.” To learn more about how God wants you to change your life, download our free booklet Change Your Life!

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Ron Kelley

Ron Kelley

Ron Kelley was born and raised in West Virginia. He spent 31 years working in hospital finance in Ohio before entering the full-time ministry in 2006.

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