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Grammys and Marijuana: Message U.S. Needs to Hear

The Grammys and Marijuana: The Message America Needs to Hear

Proponents of same-sex marriage extol the biblical virtue of love while rejecting biblical laws

The 2014 Grammys celebrated the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage. What’s behind America’s accelerating moral downturn? And what can you do about it?

Did you watch the Grammys this year?

Most Americans didn’t. But those who watched the show that’s intended to celebrate the popular music of 2013 viewed something that has never happened before in the history of television—and that is symbolic of a huge cultural revolution occurring in America.

In the middle of the awards show, a group of hip-hop and pop musicians performed a song titled “Same Love” that celebrates homosexuality and promotes same-sex marriage. The lyrics of the song criticize those who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons by declaring God’s love for everyone and mocking people for taking a moral stand based on a book (the Bible) written 3,500 years ago.

But the song alone was not the most shocking part of the performance. As it drew to an end, 33 couples (a mixture of same-sex and straight) were “married” in the center aisle by singer Queen Latifah.

The performance draws attention to the fact that America is currently experiencing a moral transformation. Last June’s Supreme Court ruling declaring parts of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional seems to have had a major effect on public opinion on this issue. Currently 17 states (and the District of Columbia) recognize same-sex marriage—with more on the way.

Multiple states are considering changing their laws to recognize same-sex marriage, while some political leaders are taking it upon themselves to make the change by simply failing to recognize or enforce existing laws.

The marijuana debate

Another major social issue facing America is the issue of legalizing marijuana. The movement to legalize marijuana was once a fringe issue largely advocated by college students, libertarians and hippie types.

America is succumbing to the troubling direction that has resulted in the fall of previous cultures and civilizations—a breakdown of standards of conduct that restrain the natural destructive urges of human beings. For the first time in American history, recreational use of marijuana has been legalized by voters in Colorado and Washington state. As of Jan. 1, anyone 21 and over can legally buy an ounce of marijuana in the state of Colorado. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that 55 percent of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana. New York and Pennsylvania are currently considering legalizing the drug—with other states likely jumping on the bandwagon in the coming months and years.

The legalization of marijuana will likely follow the same pattern as same-sex marriage. Its acceptance will have a domino effect that will spread throughout the country—fueled by rising general acceptance, legalization in specific areas and promotion by celebrities and Hollywood.

Not likely rolled back

History shows that societal morals rarely improve. Once civilizations become more permissive and redefine morality to accept actions and ideas that were thought immoral in the past, those new definitions are rarely diminished. They expand.

The most telling statistics on the future direction of American morals are found in polling today’s youth. Teenagers and young adults represent the voting and power establishment of the next 30 years. They also will be the parents of coming generations and will pass on their moral views to their children. Recent polls show that 64 percent of today’s young people (aged 18-34) support same-sex marriage. Marijuana is even more popular with today’s youth, with 75 percent favoring legalization.

It saddens us to say this, but same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana are likely the permanent new normal for the United States. Social conservatives, who have fought unsuccessfully to end abortion, will soon be forced to concede defeat on two more fronts of the culture wars.

America’s sad reality

While many believe America is progressing toward a more enlightened and tolerant culture, is that how God sees America’s moral status?

The reality is that America is not becoming more enlightened. America is succumbing to the troubling direction that has resulted in the fall of previous cultures and civilizations that have gone before it—a breakdown of standards of conduct that restrain the natural destructive urges of human beings.

Though the Bible has been maligned as a 3,500-year-old irrelevant document by the popular song mentioned above, the reality is that the Bible contains the standards of conduct that are assured to bring happiness, stability and proper morality to an individual, a family, a community and a nation.

Every American is in desperate need of understanding the principle found in Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint.”

This scripture provides the basic cause (and the solution) for America’s moral decline. Because we have rejected the revelation of the Bible—its laws, principles and standards—the result has been a national casting off of restraint. Our peoples are slowly adopting an approach to life devoid of constraints and standards. Abortion, same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana are all examples of the nation casting off restraint.

Abortion is the murder of an unborn baby that allows men and women to engage in ungodly sexual activity by making it easier to “dispose” of the natural consequence of pregnancy. Same-sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle are outlawed by God because they reject the God-ordained definition and purpose of marriage and family. Marijuana is a drug that quickly impairs judgment and self-control and is a gateway drug to more destructive narcotics.

What can you do?

The United States of America (as well as the British peoples) represents the modern descendants of the biblical patriarch Joseph. They have been given the physical blessings promised to Joseph in Genesis 49:22-26.

Part of the mission of Life, Hope & Truth is to proclaim a message of warning and repentance to the world—but especially to the modern nations of Israel (Matthew 10:6). That core message is that the United States and British peoples will be punished as a consequence of their national sins unless they turn to God in repentance and apply the last part of Proverbs 29:18: “But happy is he who keeps the law.”

The solution is to nationally repent and turn to the moral constraints of God’s law. These constraints are designed to bring structure, safety, stability and true happiness to our lives.

But even if entire nations don’t repent, you personally can.

Don’t ride this nation’s sinking ship of moral degradation—reject it by the way you live your life!

To learn more, read our article “How to Repent.” And to learn more about America’s moral problems, read “Why Is God Angry With America?

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