Interview With Author of New Booklet on Prophecy

Life, Hope & Truth recently published a new booklet on the subject of understanding prophecy. We discussed the new booklet with its author, Paul Luecke.

Interview With Author of New Booklet on Prophecy
Here at the offices of Life, Hope & Truth we were excited to publish our 17th booklet online on July 30, titled How to Understand Prophecy. Though many of our booklets cover elements of prophecy, this is our fourth booklet focused on prophecy. This topic is timely, as we have seen a surge in page views on our various articles on Bible prophecy and have received many questions about prophecy through our “Ask a Question” form. This is undoubtedly a result of the coronavirus pandemic and people wondering if it is a sign of the end times.

Though it is relevant to the current crisis, this newest booklet was actually planned and written before the pandemic.

In order to help our readers learn more about this new booklet, we interviewed its author, Paul Luecke, who is a church pastor serving congregations in Birmingham, Alabama, and Trenton, Georgia.

Q: What motivated you to want to write this booklet on prophecy?

A: We are living in stressful times in a world full of bad news. Biblical prophecy tells us what will happen in the days ahead and how a wonderful world will soon replace this one. Therefore, prophecy is one of the most encouraging and exciting subjects we can talk about and help others to understand.

Q: When did you first start studying this topic?

A: As a young teenager, I was pointed to many truths in the Bible that I had no idea existed. Among them were prophecies of end-time and future events that were so eye-opening and fascinating they were literally life-changing.

Paul Luecke

Paul Luecke, author of “How to Understand Prophecy.”

Q: Why do you find the topic of prophecy so interesting?

A: Prophecy is one of those subjects that makes us aware of how great God is. The more you see events unfolding exactly as God foretold thousands of years ago, the more you realize how great He is. Also, if the prophesied events were all bad news, it wouldn’t be so exciting. But a great deal of prophecy previews the utopian world of God’s Kingdom, not far off on the horizon.

Q: Life, Hope & Truth publishes three other booklets on prophecy (The Mystery of the Kingdom; The Book of Revelation: The Storm Before the Calm; and The United States, Britain & the Commonwealth in Prophecy). How is this new booklet different from those other booklets?

A: Prophecy is not a single, self-contained subject. It is a combination of interrelated subjects. When you realize this, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort it all out. Our previous booklets provide explanations of individual subjects relating to prophecy. Each of these subjects is vitally important to understand. The new booklet brings the related subjects together to help form an overall picture.

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of what is covered in this booklet?

A: Major subjects include the modern identities of nations in prophecy, the meaning of prophetic symbols, the beast, the seven-seals framework, the return of Jesus Christ, the different resurrection periods, the new world order of God’s Kingdom on earth, and the outline of God’s master plan found within His annual holy days.

Q: What parts of the research and writing process were the most challenging? What parts were the most exhilarating to write?

A: There are so many details of prophecies that have been fulfilled historically and that are soon to unfold in the near future, particularly regarding national powers. There is no individual prophetic event that is insignificant. And yet space is limited, so deciding what details to omit was a challenge. The most exhilarating prophecies to focus on and convey are those describing the world after Christ returns—the Millennium, the Great White Throne Judgment period and beyond.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for Christians to study and have at least a basic understanding of prophecy?  

A: Approximately one-third of God’s revelation to mankind is prophecy, most of it relating to the end time and the future world to come. Knowing what the future holds is essential to having peace of mind in a chaotic world.

Q: How do you hope this booklet will help people who read it?

A: Whenever we explain God’s Word, our desire is to instill a clearer vision of God’s plan for the future, which will, in turn, motivate people to surrender to Him and personally prepare for that future.

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Erik Jones

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