Where Does Our Help Come From?

In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, we look for solutions and hope. Thankfully, there is real help and hope on the horizon. Pray it comes soon!

As I write this on Dec. 14, my country is in mourning from today’s terrible tragedy. As U.S. President Barack Obama said, “Our hearts are broken.”

Many people are trying to dissect the Connecticut school shooting and figure out what the problem was and how we can help this never happen again, or at least happen a lot less often.

Many proposed solutions will continue to come forth, but will they truly help this time? What will truly solve the problem?

Gun control

Those in favor of stricter gun control laws often say if you can take the guns out of people’s hands, you will be able to stop the rise in murders and suicides. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and take the guns out of the hands of murderers to save innocent children and adults alike?

Sadly, no laws or bans can completely prevent criminals and psychopaths from violence. Uncontrolled anger often leads to misuse of guns and other weapons—and to violence of all kinds. Gun control cannot fundamentally change the world we are living in. Satan is the ruler of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) and will use any tool available to him for his work. We will not completely solve this deep sadness by cutting off the branches and leaving behind the root.

Metal detectors and armed police at schools

In covering the Connecticut shooting, the Fox News anchor said that, as a parent, she would now like to have her daughter’s school protected by an armed police officer. She admitted that the cost of doing something like that in every school would make it nearly impossible, but still the fear is now deep within us. How sad to know that young children cannot learn English, math and science without fear of fellow human beings unleashing their personal anguish on them!

Armed police officers and metal detectors would be meant to ease our minds, but would all schools realistically have access to such protection? The cost would be daunting to a country that is already facing a fiscal cliff.

Mental hospitals/counselors

Others point the finger of blame at counselors, relatives and hospitals that don’t properly diagnose or address a serious mental problem. Mental disorders are a very real problem. It seems more and more people are not coping with life in healthy ways, and now society is in danger of being harmed by these individuals.

Increasing resources and fixing problems in this area might help, but the truth remains that it is not possible to always predict when someone is on the edge of a mental breakdown. Sure, there are often warning signs, but most of us only see them in hindsight. The picture only becomes clear after we know the end result.

So, if none of these responses offers true and lasting solutions, are we left to just feel helpless? Do we just stay indoors as much as possible and avoid public areas? Do we live in fear if our school can’t afford an armed police officer? Do we never see a movie or shop in a mall?

Real solutions, real help

Where does our help come from?

Psalm 121:1-2 gives the true answer to that: “From whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”

When we find ourselves desperately needing help, we can only look in one place: UP. When our world seems chaotic, we must look to the One who made the world. The psalm goes on to show that our God doesn’t ever sleep, and that He will keep us from all evil and preserve our lives.

If only our society would turn to the true source of protection! If we truly repent and obey Him, our God is willing to be our guard, our defense and our help! He also promises to one day get rid of the root of evil, Satan himself (Revelation 20:2).

God offers His protection to those who call upon Him now, but the greatest help is yet to come. A time is coming when Isaiah’s prophecy will be fulfilled: “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9). Everyone will be fully instructed in the commandments that teach us not to hate or to kill.

God speed the day when we can witness this miraculous end to harm and destruction! Pray for the Kingdom of God to come!

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Sarah Henderson