The Plan to End Evil

Many people hate evil, decry it and want to see it eradicated. But no one has been able to truly do that—yet it will be done. There’s a plan that shows how!

The world is a mess. It has been for quite some time, and, despite mankind’s best efforts, it’s not getting any better. In fact, we’ve discovered the incredible and invented the impossible, and yet we’re still plagued with the fundamental problem of evil.

It’s everywhere. Across the globe, there are evil people doing evil things, whether that’s a third-world warlord sending children onto the battlefield with guns and explosives or a first-world CFO embezzling away the pensions of thousands of employees. Evil exists, and while we’ve found ways to suppress it, dilute it and discourage it, we’ve yet to find a way to truly end it.

What’s the solution? Is there even a solution? Or is evil just such a fundamental part of human nature that we’ll never be truly rid of it?

Thankfully, there is a solution—and not only that, but the plan to enact that solution is already in motion. Evil can be stopped, and it will be stopped—and what’s more, you can be part of the solution.

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About the Author

Jeremy Lallier

Jeremy Lallier

Jeremy Lallier is a full-time writer working at the Life, Hope & Truth offices in McKinney, Texas. He has a degree in information technology, three years’ experience in the electrical field and even spent a few months upfitting police vehicles—but his passion has always been writing (a hobby he has had as long as he can remember). Now he gets to do it full-time for Life, Hope & Truth and loves it. He particularly enjoys writing on Christian living themes—especially exploring what it looks like when God’s Word is applied to day-to-day life. In addition to writing blog posts, he is also the producer of the Life, Hope & Truth Discover video series and regularly writes for Discern magazine.

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