Journey 4 The People of God

Dear Reader,

You’ve been through three Journeys. You learned about God, about evil and about God’s plan to rescue the world from itself.

It’s time to ask the obvious question:

What now?

Where do you go from here?

If you stop now, everything you’ve learned becomes head knowledge. Facts and figures. It won’t change anything—and it won’t change you.

This Journey is about the next step—about taking everything you’ve learned and doing something with it. We’re going to spend seven days talking about who the people of God are, what God expects of them, and how you can join their ranks. Each day’s content will consist of the following:

  • That day’s reading.
  • Recommended verses and chapters from the Bible relating to that day’s subject.
  • Supplemental material from Life, Hope & Truth for digging deeper into that day’s subject.

We encourage you to make your way through our three initial Journeys (“Knowing God,” “The Problem of Evil” and “The Plan of God”) before starting on this one, as we’ll be referencing and building on concepts presented in all three.

Are you ready to put what you’ve learned into practice?

Let’s begin!

All the best,
Your friends at Life, Hope & Truth

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