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Take a Journey through the Bible with these guided tours.

Prepared so you can experience daily inspiration, each Journey lasts seven days.

We recommend starting with Journey 1.

Journey 1: Knowing God

Sign up now for this seven-day course that will help you discover who God is and why He created you. It’s time to get to know God.

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Journey 2: The Problem of Evil

Why does a loving God allow evil? You’ll discover exactly what the Bible has to say on the subject of evil—and the reason God hasn’t ended it yet.

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Journey 3: The Plan of God

God has a plan for the human race, and it’s unfolding all around you. Don’t miss out. In this seven-day Journey, you’ll discover God’s plan for the entire world—and where you fit in it.

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Journey 4: The People of God

Knowing isn’t enough. This seven-day Journey is about taking what you’ve learned so far and letting it change who you are and what you do. Are you ready?

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    Each day begins with a Journey-specific reading.

  • Discuss

    Share your thoughts with your fellow travelers.

  • Explore

    Dig deeper with supplemental scriptures and articles.

What are others saying?

Some comments from previous travelers:

I’m praying more and my desire to study has gotten stronger.

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