Does God Care About the Small Stuff?

Will God provide only for our needs, but not for our wants or desires? Should we only pray about our needs and no more? Does God care about small things?

Sometimes when we are going through trials, we wonder if God is aware of our circumstances or even listening to us. At such times I’ve learned through many experiences that He may give us a “hug”—a small reminder that He’s with us, even if it is not yet time for our larger requests to be answered.

An example of God’s watchfulness

I had an unforgettable example of God’s watchfulness many years ago, when late one afternoon, close to shop-closing time in my California community, I went to have a ring resized that was much too large for me.

As I approached the jewelry store, I couldn’t miss the shiny bronze Rolls-Royce parked in front. Entering the store, I saw the two shopkeepers were getting ready to close, but chatting with a very attractive lady who I presumed was the owner of the sumptuous vehicle outside. She was leaning casually against the counter and laughing.

The woman was very friendly; and while the store owners hastily took my ring measurements, she smiled and spoke with me.

A surprise

The next Tuesday, I returned to the shop and noticed the display windows were devoid of merchandise. The owners were standing behind the counter, which was also empty of jewelry, and the expressions on their faces were really strange.

I figured they were reorganizing and made a comment to that effect.

“No,” said one, solemn-faced. “You don’t know what happened?”

In fact, I did not know that on the afternoon I dropped off my ring, while the lady was waiting for me to be out of the way, two armed gunmen had been waiting in that Rolls-Royce for her signal to hold up the shop! And they did so at gunpoint within moments of my leaving. They took the entire inventory.

Well, almost the entire inventory.

They took everything except something in a small brown bag on top of the file cabinet, which the owner handed to me, dutifully resized. It was my ring.

He will never leave us or forsake us

God promises in many places in Scripture to never leave us or forsake us, as long as we love and serve Him. He knows our needs before we do (Matthew 6:8), even if we don’t ask.

I cared less about that ring on that day than I ever had before, but as I walked home with it, I marveled at God’s vigilance to care about such a detail. Maybe it wasn’t about the ring at all, but more about the hairs of my head being numbered (Luke 12:7), and my Heavenly Father letting me know how present He was at that moment and always would be. He spared the ring, but spared me from much more.

Thanking Him

We can have confidence that as He took care of us yesterday, He is here today and will be just as vigilant tomorrow. God’s goodness is meant to lead us to repentance (Romans 2:4) and a deeper relationship with Him, and I’m reminded by the story of a ring to thank Him as often as possible for all the invisible things He does for us every day.

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About the Author

Nancy Diraison

Nancy Diraison is an East Texas member of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Writing everything from music to blogs is her favorite occupation!