Discern - September/October 2023

September/October 2023

Cover Feature

Announcing Five Tools for Spiritual Growth book: photo of man with Bible in his tool belt
Announcing Five Tools for Spiritual Growth

We’re excited to announce the release of Life, Hope & Truth’s newest resource—a book designed to help Christians deepen their relationship with God. Listen

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How Close Are We to Transhumanism? photo of a female face marked to appear robotic or not quite human
How Close Are We to Transhumanism?

Followers of the transhumanism movement say human beings can unlock technology that will allow us to live forever. Will humans be upgraded? Listen

Illustration representing a huge Iron Fist crushing a person
Ruling With an Iron Fist vs. Ruling With a Rod of Iron

Tyrants, strongmen and dictators dominate the news. What can we learn by contrasting their brutal rulership with the leadership commended in the Bible? Listen


God Is Not the Author of Confusion
God  God Is Not the Author of Confusion

We live in a world where confusion reigns. Where does it come from? How can we escape the confusion, and how will it finally be overcome? Listen

Divine Protection in a Chaotic World: a graphic of an umbrella to represent protection
Life  Divine Protection in a Chaotic World

Worries about crime, disease and disasters are increasing. What can we do to avoid danger, and what does the Bible say about seeking divine protection? Listen

Becoming Sons and Daughters of God; photo of children sitting on a wooden deck as a figurative illustration of children of God
Life  Becoming Sons and Daughters of God

It’s almost beyond our comprehension, but God loves us so much He wants us to be His children! What does this mean for our life now and for our future? Listen

Older person's hands folded on a Bible to illustrate the Legacy of Older Christians
Life  Legacy of Older Christians

Trends in society can draw young people away from organized religion—and even the Church Jesus built. What can older members of the Church do? Listen

Harvested grain to illustrate Jesus’ Mission and Purpose to reap a spiritual harvest
God  What Was Jesus’ Mission and Purpose? 

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, what was the mission and purpose that drove His life? How should His purpose impact His followers today?  Listen



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