Discern - September/October 2020

September/October 2020

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Prejudice: Why It Exists and How It Will End
Prejudice: Why It Exists and How It Will End

Bigotry mars the pages of history, and it’s still alive and well today. But God calls us to rise above prejudice and promises a world where it can’t exist. Listen

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Will There Be Another World War? (photo of Shigemitsu signing surrender to end World War II)
Will There Be Another World War?

In the 75 years since World War II, have we learned how to avoid another world war? Or are we headed toward a worse one? Will there be a World War 3? Listen


7 Ways to Stay Positive When Life Disappoints
Life  7 Ways to Stay Positive When Life Disappoints

When things go wrong, when plans fail and people let us down, how can we deal with disappointment? Here are biblical ways to stay positive in a negative world. Listen

What Is the Meaning of the Seventh Trumpet?
Prophecy  What Is the Meaning of the Seventh Trumpet?

The Bible speaks of a seventh trumpet that will sound before Jesus Christ’s return to earth. What does the sounding of this last trumpet mean for you? Listen

Are You a Christian or a Disciple?
Change  Are You a Christian or a Disciple?

The label Christian is given generously, but being known as a disciple is rare. What’s the difference? What do these words tell us about how God wants us to be? Listen

Historical Background of the New Testament Resources
Bible  Historical Background of the New Testament Resources

Here are reviews of some resources that give helpful background information about the time of Jesus Christ, the apostles and the early New Testament Church. Listen

What Does It Mean to Turn the Other Cheek?
Life  What Does It Mean to Turn the Other Cheek?

One of the hardest things Christians are called to do is turn the other cheek. Yet it’s what God expects us to learn to do in our interactions with others. Listen

Combating Confusion About Jesus’ Second Coming
Prophecy  Part 7: Combating Confusion About Jesus’ Second Coming

The Bible says Jesus will return. But many are confused about how He will return. He predicted this and told us what we need to know about the second coming. Listen



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