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Discern - September/October 2014

September/October 2014

Cover Feature

The Greatest Story Never Told
The Greatest Story Never Told

God's plan has all the elements of a great story, and it is absolutely true! Understanding God's festivals is essential for fulfilling your role in God's story.

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World InSight: The Island That Forgot God
World InSight: The Island That Forgot God

Secularization has rapidly eroded Christian beliefs in Great Britain. How did it happen, and what does it mean for the future?


Will We Ever See Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men?
Will We Ever See Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men?

There’s not much peace and even less goodwill in today’s world. I’m no dreamer, but I do believe things will change for the better.

What Was Jesus’ Message?
What Was Jesus’ Message?

The four Gospels are very clear that Jesus’ primary message was about the Kingdom of God. Yet why is it so hard to find Jesus’ message in today’s Christianity?

By the Way: A Beautiful Monument to Failure
By the Way: A Beautiful Monument to Failure

Mankind seeks peace with alliances, institutions, promises and good intentions. But the real root of peace lies elsewhere.


Dealing With Difficult People
Relationships  Dealing With Difficult People

They are everywhere: on the road, at work, in the grocery line, at church and even in our own family. How can we deal with difficult people in a godly way?

5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Evolution
God  5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Evolution

How can parents who believe in the Creator God help their children navigate the minefield of the evolution vs. creation debate? Consider these tips.

A Heart of Service
Change  A Heart of Service

There are two basic ways of living—giving and getting. We see the results of selfishness all around us. How can we nurture a heart of service?

Left Behind: The Truth
Prophecy  Left Behind: The Truth

Many have been fascinated by the Left Behind books and movies. Sadly, more than the characters in the story, it’s actually the truth that is being left behind.



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