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Discern - July/August 2016

July/August 2016

Cover Feature

7 Characteristics of Healthy Families
7 Characteristics of Healthy Families

Studying the common traits shared by successful families can help you strengthen your family.

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World InSight: New Nuclear Nightmares
World InSight: New Nuclear Nightmares

New weapons, vast spending, unstable nations and shocking rhetoric are stoking fears of a new arms race. Nuclear Armageddon seems more likely than ever. What’s the solution?


Consider This: The Treasures of a Filipino Family
Consider This: The Treasures of a Filipino Family

Money can’t buy the joy and happiness this family shared! Such a culture of caring can transform any family.

What Did and Did Not Jesus Look Like
What Did and Didn’t Jesus Look Like?

What image comes to mind when you think of Jesus? Many imagine Jesus as artists have drawn Him, but is such an image supported or contradicted by the Bible?

By the Way: I Worked on Armageddon
By the Way: I Worked on Armageddon

It’s a place name that strikes fear, but most don’t know the origin or the biblical significance of Armageddon. Working there gave me a deeper perspective.


Lessons I Learned From My Parents
Relationships  Lessons I Learned From My Parents

One way of teaching our children values is to repeat (or not repeat) what we learned from our parents. My parents taught by saying “we do this because ...”

The Sabbath: A Blessing for Families
Bible  The Sabbath: A Blessing for Families

Could a maligned ancient law actually be a key to better family life in the high-tension 21st century? Sabbath rest can be a blessing for children—and parents.

The Prodigal Son: A Parable With Overlooked Meaning
Change  The Prodigal Son: A Parable With Overlooked Meaning

The parable of the prodigal son is one of the most famous of all Christ’s teachings, and it provides a neglected lesson that remains relevant for us today.

Putting Character to the Test
Change  Putting Character to the Test

Character is reflected in what we do, but are our actions solely the result of character? Building godly character forces us to recognize the power of context.

How to Become a Saint
Change  How to Become a Saint

In common usage, a saint is a rare, almost otherworldly creature. It’s not something many aspire to. But a Christian must learn how to become a saint.



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