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  • Why We Break for Biblical Festivals photo of Orange Beach, Alabama, Feast site

    Insights Into Life

    Why We Break for Biblical Festivals

    The people behind Life, Hope & Truth are observing the last four festivals found in the Bible. Do you know about these feasts—and what they mean? Life, Hope & Truth is not just... Read More

  • Are Near-Death Experiences Real?

    Insights Into Life

    Are Near-Death Experiences Real?

    People who legally die sometimes report seeing visions. Are near-death experiences real or fake? What does the Bible say about near-death experiences? In 2010 a book titled The Boy Who... Read More

  • Do Bunnies Lay Eggs? (And 4 Other Questions About Easter)

    Insights Into Life

    Do Bunnies Lay Eggs? (And 4 Other Questions About Easter)

    Easter is considered the most sacred day on the Christian calendar. But there are many problems with it. Let’s address some major questions about Easter. Every spring, the Christian... Read More

  • Was Jesus an Angel?

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Was Jesus an Angel?

    Some churches teach that Jesus was an angel—a created being. However, the truth of Scripture reveals something far greater. If we do not know Jesus, then we do not know His Father. As... Read More

  • human-beings-need-to-repent

    Insights Into Life

    Human Beings Need to Repent

    In this second part of our series on three great themes of the Bible, we look at why humans must repent to have a proper relationship with God. In the first part of this series on three... Read More


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