• A memorial to the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Sandy Hook: Making Sense of a Senseless Tragedy

    In the aftermath of Friday’s tragic killing of 28 young children and adults, many are asking, “Why?” The Bible gives us the answer—and hope! Early last Friday... Read More

  • U.S. flag at half-mast at Capitol. In times of tragedy, where should we look for help? (Wikimedia Commons)

    Insights Into Life

    Where Does Our Help Come From?

    In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, we look for solutions and hope. Thankfully, there is real help and hope on the horizon. Pray it comes soon! As I write this on Dec. 14, my... Read More

  • Mass murder and glorification of violence

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Mass Murder: Why So Much Violence in America?

    The week began with Jacob Roberts’ shooting rampage at a crowded mall in Oregon and ended with mass murder at a Connecticut elementary school. Why? We check the news, perhaps on our... Read More

  • Is there a war on Christmas? What would Christ think of all this?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    The War on Christmas

    Christians are distressed that secular progressives and atheists have succeeded in removing God’s name from schools, and now Christmas is under attack. Recently there has been a... Read More

  • Which alternative world will we really see?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Alternative Worlds

    A new report by the U.S. intelligence community looks at global trends through 2030. But have they missed the alternative world that will really come? Every four years the U.S. National... Read More

  • When working under the sink or in changing your life, it's good to make sure you're going the right direction.

    Insights Into Changing Your Life

    Make Sure You’re Going the Right Direction

    “Lefty loosey, righty tighty” goes the old handyman’s expression. I thought I was going loosey—but in fact, I was making the nut mighty tighty! After weeks of... Read More

  • Waterfall representing United States rushing toward the fiscal cliff.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    U.S. Fiscal Cliff: The World Watches

    The world is watching as the United States approaches its fiscal cliff. How much longer will unsustainable solutions work to avert global disaster? The United States remains a key pillar of... Read More

  • Balance: Becoming a Better Spiritual Dancer

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Balance: Becoming a Better Spiritual Dancer

    What does it take to develop real spiritual balance in our lives? It takes focus, spiritual exercises and a deepening relationship with God. Jobs, friendships, family, responsibilities,... Read More

  • Fiscal cliff

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Fiscal Cliff: Sign of Deeper Troubles?

    In less than a month the United States could go over the so-called “fiscal cliff.” How concerned should we be? Is it a sign of something worse? Come midnight Dec. 31, many tax... Read More

  • Post-U.S. World? Events surrounding President Obama’s recent Asian trip may signal another significant decline in American influence in Asia—and the world.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Post-U.S. World?

    The U.S. has long been the world’s most powerful nation. But its influence has been dwindling, and some are declaring the start of a world that can ignore the U.S. An Asia Times... Read More

  • United Nations buildings in New York.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    UN Overwhelmingly Supports Palestinian Status Upgrade

    On the 65th anniversary of the UN vote to partition British Palestine, the General Assembly recognized Palestine as a nonmember observer state like the Vatican. At a time when the... Read More

  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in July 2012. (U.S. State Department photo; public domain.)

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Update: Egypt Protests as President Takes New Powers

    Islamist president sets date for vote on controversial new constitution. Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations follow demonstrations against Morsi’s power grab. Updated Dec. 1: The... Read More


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