• Happy birthday, America! July 4 fireworks at the Statue of Liberty.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Happy Birthday, America! And Many More?

    Independence Day marks the anniversary of the beginning of the United States of America. But in the midst of troubling trends, what will its future be? Happy birthday, America! Now 236 years... Read More

  • We're told to pray for our daily bread.

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Praying for Our Daily Bread

    God tells us to pray for our daily bread. The Bible gives examples that help us more deeply understand what He means by this and how to apply it today. It’s hard to pack for a two-year... Read More

  • School bus, illustrating bullied bus monitor video.

    Insights Into Relationships

    Bullied Bus Monitor Video: How Should Parents Respond?

    How can we help make sure our children don’t treat anyone the way the middle schoolers in Greece, New York, treated their school bus monitor? One of the saddest and most disturbing... Read More

  • In God We Trust? Is this true for America anymore?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Has America Crossed the Line?

    Are America’s days of greatness over? Have we tested God’s mercy and patience and crossed the line? Has America had her Manasseh moment? Many may wonder what I mean by that.... Read More

  • Tick photo from Wikimedia Commons.

    Questions Blog

    Who Made Ticks?

    Kids ask some of the most interesting questions. Sometimes they aren’t the easiest questions to answer either! Have you ever wondered who made ticks? I was sitting in the urgent care... Read More

  • Our first year of marriage unemployment story.

    Insights Into Relationships

    Our First Year of Marriage: Unemployment, Prayer, Patience

    A year without long-term employment taught us a lot about marriage, diligence in the job search and the power of prayer, patience and faith. The unemployment situation is awful. New... Read More

  • Profanity and swearing.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Can’t We Speak Without Being Vulgar?

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on “fleeting expletives” hinged on a lack of definition of what is prohibited. But God’s standards have not changed! What is a “fleeting... Read More

  • Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand tells the story of Louis Zamperini.

    Insights Into Changing Your Life

    An Amazing Story of Change

    The story of Louis Zamperini is one of endurance, resilience, forgiveness and change. Not in his wildest dreams did Louis foresee the afflictions about to fall on him. It all started during... Read More

  • Roller coaster, illustrating the

    Insights Into Life

    Two Views of Life: YOLO vs. YCLF

    If you only live once, you might as well do whatever you want. But is it possible to enjoy this life abundantly and still live for a brighter tomorrow? YOLO: “You Only Live... Read More

  • Electrical plug illustrating being spiritually charged.

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    What Are You Plugged Into?

    Throughout our lives, we experience times when we feel distant from God. Learn how others stay connected to God in trying times and how to stay spiritually charged moving forward! The other... Read More

  • Greek election campaign

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    After the Greek Elections: The Mood on the Streets

    Greece inched back from the brink of exiting the euro, but the issues have not gone away. What’s the mood after the Greek elections? Where is Europe headed? I’m writing from... Read More

  • Egyptian election religious influence

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    After the Egyptian Elections: Egypt Teeters

    Egypt’s historic presidential election was overshadowed by court and military decisions that many Egyptians feel amount to a countercoup. Egypt’s elections, which should have... Read More


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