• Athletes illustrating striving for Olympic glory.

    Insights Into Life

    Olympic Glory and Eternal Glory

    The pomp of the ceremonies and the thrill of the world-class competition make the Olympics exciting. If athletes devote themselves so completely for the hope of a medal, what should we do for... Read More

  • Sign showing Apocalypse 2.2 km. How close is it really? (photo by Joel Meeker)

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    The Apocalypse Was Closer Than I Thought…

    A visit to the isle of Patmos sparked thoughts about the Apocalypse (Revelation) the apostle John wrote there—and how God wants us to respond to it. My wife and I just visited Patmos... Read More

  • Reflecting on the value of life in the wake of the Aurora movie theater massacre (Wikimedia Commons)

    Insights Into Life

    The Value of Life: Aurora Movie Massacre

    Tragedies like the movie theater massacre in Colorado seem senseless, but we try to make sense of them. They can make us refocus on the real value of life. A big story dominating the news in... Read More

  • Commitment in marriage fulfills the marriage vows.

    Insights Into Relationships

    Marriage and the Foundation Factor: Commitment

    Building a quality foundation for a marriage takes real commitment. This means taking the wedding vows seriously—something that is sadly lacking today. In “Marriage and the... Read More

  • Satellite image of the Persian Gulf with the Strait of Hormuz marked (from the CIA World Factbook).

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Strait of Hormuz: Sea Gate Gets More Dangerous

    The world’s lifeblood flows through a narrow passage from the Persian Gulf. Will America’s military prevent Iran from blocking the Strait of Hormuz? Since nearly 20 percent... Read More

  • There’s a human longing for real superheroes we can look up to.

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    The Search for a Superhero

    Superheroes are everywhere right now! There’s a human longing for real heroes we can look up to and who can bring real justice to this troubled world. “Everybody’s... Read More

  • Grasping sand is like grasping the wind—pointless.

    Insights Into Life

    Real Success vs. Grasping for the Wind

    Two men who were fantastically successful financially looked back on their lives with frustration. What can we learn about the real meaning of life? In the mid-1960s in the United Kingdom... Read More

  • What's your marriage foundation?

    Insights Into Relationships

    Marriage and the Foundation Factor

    The importance of a good foundation for a house and for a marriage is not as different as you might think. I awoke to hear sounds coming from the basement. Water? I puzzled groggily,... Read More

  • Tevatron, one of the particle accelerators used in searching for Higgs boson,

    Insights Into God & the Bible

    Did Science Discover God? What Is “the God Particle”?

    The Higgs boson and the CERN particle accelerator have been in the news. If particle physicists discovered the God particle, are they closer to discovering God? You have undoubtedly heard of... Read More

  • Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Whose capital will Jerusalem be?

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    “Our Capital Shall Be Jerusalem!”

    On June 23 Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi declared that Jerusalem would be “our capital” as he introduced the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Egypt’s presidency. Safwat... Read More

  • Dead end sign illustrating the need for the end to cruelty.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    Coming: An End to Cruelty!

    Disturbing reports of torture centers in Syria add to man’s overwhelming history of inhumanity to other men, women and children. When and how will the cruelty end? Warning: This blog... Read More

  • America is approaching a fiscal cliff.

    Insights Into News & Prophecy

    IMF Warns U.S. About Economic Risks and Fiscal Cliff

    On the eve of America’s birthday, the IMF warned about the fragile U.S. recovery that threatens not only America’s, but the world’s, economy. If most Americans think about... Read More


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