The Ark Rests on Ararat

Genesis 8:4  

Then the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat.

The gradual receding of the waters allowed the ark to finally come to rest on the peak of a range of mountains. The mountains the ark rested on are identified as “the mountains of Ararat.”

Scholars generally agree that this refers to a range of mountains in the area of present-day Turkey near the border of Armenia.

Explorers and archaeologists have been searching in the area where the ark is believed to have come to rest for thousands of years. Both Flavius Josephus and Marco Polo claimed that the ark was visible at Ararat during their lifetimes. Others in recent years have claimed to see its remnants. Archaeologists continue to explore the area for evidence of the ark, but it has not been conclusively identified yet.

The truthfulness and reliability of the scriptural account of the Flood and the ark are not dependent on whether physical remains of the ark are found. The ark would now be more than 4,000 years old and has possibly completely disintegrated. If any significant findings are made of the ark at Mount Ararat, we will undoubtedly report on it on Life, Hope & Truth.

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