Known by Deeds

Proverbs 20:11  

Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.

This verse highlights a basic principle of life that applies to both children and adults—our reputation with others is based on what we do and how we live.

Some people in our world try to rationalize bad behavior (or lack of action) by the internal goodness of their hearts. The idea is that if the “heart” is right, the outward actions are not important or not as bad as they would otherwise be. But the Bible teaches quite the contrary. Scripture reveals that God is concerned with both the heart and the actions!

Jesus Christ taught that human beings are to be judged by what they do: “Therefore by their fruits you will know them” (Matthew 7:20). We determine a person’s character by the things he or she does. The main point is that we need to make sure our actions are a reflection of God’s Word and law within us (James 1:22-27). The Holy Spirit leading a Christian will produce definite actions of character (Galatians 5:22-23).

If we are studying God’s Word and allowing God’s Spirit to work in our life, our actions will be “pure and right.”

To learn lessons from one of the Bible’s greatest examples of a man who demonstrated his faith through his deeds, read “The Faith of Abraham.”

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