Hardened or Softened?

Proverbs 21:29  

A wicked man hardens his face, but as for the upright, he establishes his way.

This proverb contrasts one who is set in his own way with one who sets out to find the right way.

The Bible clearly states that human beings do not know how to direct their steps on their own (Jeremiah 10:23).

Yet the wicked are not willing to change. They harden their faces and their hearts, refusing to allow God to help mold their character as a Master Potter (Isaiah 64:8).

The upright, on the other hand, seek God. Their hearts are soft, clean and pure (Psalm 51:10; 24:4). They look to God for guidance and strive not to lean on their own reasoning (Proverbs 3:5). The upright know that a good life will result from following God’s instruction (Psalm 37:5-6, 23-25).

We should regularly pray that God will give us a soft heart—one that can be reached and affected by God—so we can better serve and obey Him.

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