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Why Do Some Things Take So Long?!

Time is valuable to us all … but we only have so much of it!

One saying goes, “Good things happen to those who wait.”

Yet others ask, “Why do some things take so long?”

But because of the tech-driven culture we live in, time becomes even more valuable, and we expect things to happen faster!

Whether we communicate and work on a smart phone, a tablet or a notebook PC, we have expectations of information being transferred quickly and work on projects being done fast.

It’s just the way it is.

Still, many ask, “Why do some things take so long?!”

But what about God? While the Bible records Him accomplishing His purpose very quickly in some miraculous situations, often things with GOD take a long time. History shows God views HIS purpose over time—over the “long” haul.

Because we are driven by efficiency and speed, if something takes a while, we can often give up on it too quickly or be too impatient to simply wait around!

On tasks and goals as basic as losing weight or as complicated as building a relationship, if things don’t happen fast, we sometimes throw in the towel, get impatient and give up too soon!

And … because of the passage of time, we can even question God and His purpose.

For instance, when people look at this world, they often ask the question, “Why does God allow suffering?

They think of the chronically poor in India and parts of Asia. They consider the thousands in danger in war-torn countries of Sudan, Libya and the Congo, and they are aware of the millions that go to bed hungry every night.

But … one should not judge what is happening in this world too quickly! God’s plan for mankind has lasted almost 6,000 years to date, and He’s not finished yet.

While man’s view of the millennia of human experience and history and the passage of time seems long and even confusing, know this: God DOES have a plan. 

A plan that is born out in the pages of the Bible. It is simple, logical and fair; yet it is profound! A plan that answers the questions of WHY so much suffering. A plan that addresses the mass conflict and discontent in the world. A plan that actually explains the confusion of religion and its lack of real answers to these questions.

When you begin to understand God’s plan, it all begins to make sense. One begins to “connect the dots” to all of the conflict, confusion and puzzling questions that have plagued mankind for millennia.

But don’t just believe me. Read about it. Study it—right here in the pages of your Bible.

Then you’ll begin to see that the story of man and His purpose is a long story—a long story that began millennia ago, yet one that will unfold in the years just ahead in an incredible way, a way that most people never imagined.

“Why do some things take so long?”

Well, “good things happen to those who wait.”

And mankind’s long wait to understand his PURPOSE is almost over!

For Life, Hope, & Truth, I’m Doug Horchak.