Discern - September/October 2018

September/October 2018

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4 Keys to Understanding the Afterlife
4 Keys to Understanding the Afterlife

To understand what the Bible says about death—and everything that happens after—requires us to first uncover four important facets of the afterlife. Listen

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Transatlantic Turmoil Escalates
Transatlantic Turmoil Escalates

For 70 years now the military and economic partnership between the United States and Western Europe has produced unparalleled peace and prosperity. Now a growing rift threatens that alliance, and many question whether it can or should survive. Where will this divide lead? Listen


Zombie Movies: What Do They Get Right?
Life  Zombie Movies: What Do They Get Right?

They may be mindless entertainment, but is there anything zombie movies and shows actually get right? Listen

Temple Mount in Bible Prophecy
Prophecy  Temple Mount in Bible Prophecy

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been an area of major global and religious conflict over the last 2,500 years. Many wars have been fought to seize control of this religious site. What does Bible prophecy say about this epicenter of global conflict? Listen

The Holy Day Satan Hates Most
Life  The Holy Day Satan Hates Most

The devil doesn’t like any of God’s holy days, but the Day of Atonement is particularly onerous to him. How should Christians today view this day? Listen

No Regrets?
Change  No Regrets?

The not-so-good decisions in our lives can stay with us for years. Even after the effects have worn off, regrets can remain. Thankfully, there are steps we can take to live without regrets. Listen

Six Characteristics of Biblical Friendship
Relationships  Six Characteristics of Biblical Friendship

The Bible shows what we should look for in a friend—which is also what we should be as a godly friend. Here are six characteristics. Listen

When Are You Actually Saved?
Change  When Are You Actually Saved?

Millions of people around the world believe they are “saved” the moment they accept Christ. But are they? Is there more to salvation than what many people believe? Listen



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