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Discern - September/October 2016

September/October 2016

Cover Feature

Return of Christ: As the Days of Noah Were
Return of Christ: As the Days of Noah Were

As corruption, violence and evil increase, our world teeters on the brink of self-destruction. Jesus Christ’s promise to come again offers our only real hope. Listen

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World InSight: The Scourge of Slavery Returns
World InSight: The Scourge of Slavery Returns

An estimated 46 million people have been forced into slavery in all parts of the world. What are the roots of this evil scourge, and how will it be eradicated? Listen


Consider This: So Simple a Child Can Understand
Consider This: So Simple a Child Can Understand

How do you explain to a child what is happening in our world today? Listen

Where Did the Popular Image of Jesus Come From?
Where Did the Popular Image of Jesus Come From?

Nobody knows exactly what Jesus looked like. So why is He commonly depicted as a pale, long-haired man? What is the origin of the common picture of Jesus? Listen

By the Way: Don’t Defenestrate!
By the Way: Don’t Defenestrate!

Looking through this famous window gave me a fresh perspective on an age-old problem—the human tendency to use violence to solve problems. Listen


Who Would Jesus Vote For?
Prophecy  Who Would Jesus Vote For?

America is in the midst of a contentious presidential election, and other nations are facing major elections as well. If Jesus walked the earth today, who would He support? Listen

Satan: A Profile
Prophecy  Satan: A Profile

He’s invisible, so many people are confused whether Satan really exists. They don’t know how he works today. Here’s what you need to know for your protection. Listen

The World Needs Visionaries
Change  The World Needs Visionaries

Being a Christian isn’t just about being a visionary. It’s about being the right kind of visionary. The pages of God’s Word show us how. Listen

Is God Fair?
Life  Is God Fair?

It's a fair question. But even many religious people who think He is can't explain some of the tough questions that cause many to think He isn't. Listen

You Don’t Say!
Relationships  You Don’t Say!

Five questions to ask yourself before you say anything to anyone. Listen



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