Discern - November/December 2020

November/December 2020

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Seven Keys to Coping With the Trials and Tribulations of Life
Seven Keys to Coping With the Trials and Tribulations of Life

Sometimes life is tough! In troubling times we often turn to God, but do we pray for the things that will help us cope? Here are seven vital elements to request of God. Listen

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The Future of Christianity in Europe
The Future of Christianity in Europe

In the context of the historic struggle between Islam and Christianity, it seems European Christianity is dying out. But is a resurgence around the corner? Listen


Giving the Benefit of the Doubt
Relationships  Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

It’s easy to believe the worst about others. But we don’t know people’s hearts. What does the Bible advise about giving the benefit of the doubt? Listen

What Can We Learn From Daniel’s Passionate Prayer?
God  What Can We Learn From Daniel’s Passionate Prayer?

Daniel 9 contains one of the most passionate prayers in the Bible. What can we learn from Daniel’s prayer of confession and His appeal to God’s mercy? Listen

God’s Sabbath Rest: A Day of Refreshing
Bible  God’s Sabbath Rest: A Day of Refreshing

Observing God’s holy Sabbath day can help us regain energy, refocus spiritually and be encouraged by others. God’s Sabbath rest is truly a day of refreshing! Listen

5 Ways to Refresh Yourself When You Don’t Have Time
Life  5 Ways to Refresh Yourself When You Don’t Have Time

Life can be hectic and harried. Here are five ways to refresh yourself and make time to recharge and prevent burnout. Listen

What It Really Means to Pray, “Thy Will Be Done”
Life  What It Really Means to Pray, “Thy Will Be Done”

Why did Jesus include “Thy will be done” in the model prayer that He gave the disciples? What exactly are we praying for when we ask God to do His will? Listen

Part 8: What Happens After Jesus Returns?
Prophecy  Part 8: What Happens After Jesus Returns?

Jesus is returning to earth, but what happens afterward? Will He stay or go back to heaven? What did Jesus say in the Olivet Discourse about His second coming? Listen



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