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Discern - November/December 2014

November/December 2014

Cover Feature

Born to Be a King
Born to Be a King

Most have heard that Jesus Christ was born to be our Savior. But how many really think about the fact He was born to be a king—and He wants us to be kings too?

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Prizing Peace
Prizing Peace

The Nobel Peace Prize brings prestige, but has it contributed to harmony between peoples? Do the peacemakers of this age understand the source of true peace?


Consider This: 50 Years Without Christmas
Consider This: 50 Years Without Christmas

It’s been more than 50 years since I gave up celebrating Christmas and all its questionable customs. Have I missed it?

Jesus Christ vs. Christmas
Jesus Christ vs. Christmas

Is Jesus Christ for or against His followers’ celebrating Christmas? If you think that is a strange question, what He taught may surprise you!

By the Way: A Monumental Undertaking
By the Way: A Monumental Undertaking

I love to visit historical monuments. There are monuments to people, to victories, even to books. And then there is a monumental book where God is inscribing the names of those who fear Him!


How to Put on the Armor of God
Change  How to Put on the Armor of God

In our war with Satan, his society and our human weaknesses, we need spiritual help. God provides the powerful armor of God to protect us—and give us victory!

A Clean Start
Change  A Clean Start

Is water baptism essential for salvation, or do participants just get wet? What does God want 21st-century Christians to learn from the ancient practice of baptism?

The Dark Side of Gaming
Change  The Dark Side of Gaming

Video games and online gaming are some of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially for young men. But is there a dangerous dark side of gaming?

How to Help Your Children Build a Relationship With God
Relationships  How to Help Your Children Build a Relationship With God

As Christian parents, we deeply desire our children to develop a strong, enduring and close relationship with God. What can we do to help them on that path?

Run With Endurance
Life  Run With Endurance

Preparing for and running a marathon reminded me a lot of the challenges of the Christian life. I learned about running with endurance in a much deeper way.



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