Discern - May/June 2023 Discern

May/June 2023 Discern

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“Let No One Despise Your Youth”: Six Elements of Earning Respect. Photo of older man and younger man talking.
“Let No One Despise Your Youth”: Six Elements of Earning Respect

Do you ever feel dismissed or looked down upon just because you’re young? This story of a young man and his mentor can help you earn respect. Listen

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3 Lessons in Courage From the Apostles. Artwork to represent one of the first century apostles.
Change  3 Lessons in Courage From the Apostles

The Bible is filled with stories of courage and faith. What lessons can we learn from the apostles to help us grow in the courage we need today? Listen

How Long, O Lord? Artwork of an hourglass.
God  How Long, O Lord?

God’s faithful have often waited—for healing, relief and deliverance—while asking, “How long?” What can we learn while waiting for God? Listen

What Does the Bible Say About Quiet Quitting? Photo illustration of woman at work with paper open eyes taped over her eyes.
Relationships  What Does the Bible Say About Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting has drawn attention to genuine issues facing today’s workforce. But should you “quiet quit”? What is the biblical perspective on quiet quitting? Listen

What Is Man? photo of wooden figure representing man
Life  What Is Man?

Which of the world’s scholars can answer this age-old question? The meaning of human life eludes the brightest minds but comes to those who believe the Bible. Listen

What King Charles’ Coronation Teaches Us About God’s Promises. Photo representing the pomp and pageantry of the coronation.
Prophecy  What King Charles’ Coronation Teaches Us About God’s Promises

The May 6 coronation of King Charles will showcase much pageantry, marked by ancient customs and symbols. The biblical connections are fascinating. Listen

The Danger of Cut-and-Paste Christianity. Photo of ancient Bible with scissors on top.
Life  The Danger of Cut-and-Paste Christianity

The Bible is God’s guidebook for life—but it’s not always a comfortable guidebook. How should we handle the moments when our instincts and the Bible clash? Listen

Jesus the Teacher: How Did Jesus Teach? Photo of a little child, illustrating an example Jesus used to teach humility.
God  Jesus the Teacher: How Did Jesus Teach?

Jesus Christ was history’s greatest teacher. As a teacher, He mastered and used a wide variety of teaching methods. What were Jesus’ teaching methods?  Listen



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